*Whew* I made it. Fandoms for Hope and Relief

I signed up to submit a story to the 2017 Fandoms for Hope and Relief, and with less than a week until the deadline, I finished it up and submitted it. It was getting close. Fandoms for Hope and Relief was started in response to writers and artists wanting to…

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Been a while

Yes, been a while. I should mention the dishwasher. That thing was driving us crazy. The technician came back, did his little tests with the control panel on the front, and even checked the wiring underneath. He tough everything looked good. He couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. He…

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Right unhappy with Maytag

One star. Would not buy again. Would not recommend. No, this has nothing to do with fanfiction, but it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want. The old, black-fronted GE dishwasher that came with the house finally gave up the ghost back in June (2017). The last major appliance…

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OMG LOOK! GeezerWench.com (Buggy fixed it!)

Holy crap! Buggy fixed it. I just could not figure out why the correct address was not showing up in the address bar and Buggy fixed it!

Here’s —> Buggy

My eternal gratitude. And I owe you a cup of coffee!

This is me, trying to figure shit out

And it’s not working very well. In my WordPress site, being hosted through BlueHost, I have a presentation page that is the home page. Looks pretty good, but most of that is due to the Tempera theme. There’s a sliding picture thingy and beneath that are some spots to highlight…

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