I guess it was a semi-productive day


Oddly enough, it took me most of the day to post my five Supernatural one shots. Ye gods, in between processing the meager harvest of tomatoes from my lackluster garden (it really sucked this year), to watching the new puppy Charlie periodically, it’s taken me a long damn time to post five stories.

Well, I had to work up a few photos for them, but that’s fun. The hard part is trying to make sure everything is linked correctly and the pages look like I want them to. Or I think I want them to.

Then somehow, WordPress keeps fucking with me. I was just in here so how the hell did I log myself out? Christ, that took a while to get back in here. There’s almost ALWAYS a work around, right? Damned if I didn’t have to do it three damn times!

I was getting quite irked. I don’t even know how it happened.

And today was the HuzBob’s first day back to work after being off since the END OF FREAKIN’ MAY to get his foot operated on.

Puppies and husbands—like having a heard of toddlers in here.

I’m too old for that shit.

And if anyone is listening (reading), I’d like to mention the Fandoms for Hurricane Harvey.

If you’re an author or a banner maker and want to contribute a story or artwork, information on how to do that is in their Facebook group.

Hey, just want to read the stories that are submitted? Make your donation, submit your receipt, and you’ll receive the compilation of fic and art when it’s released.

All the information you need is in their Facebook.


Have a nice day.

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