Been busy posting my stories here

Yup. Been busy posting my stories here since Better in Texas Fiction will be closing 12/01/2017. Bummed about that. I’ve really enjoyed that site. Sorry to see it go. And Jason never minded too much when I made fun of him. Like when I made this banner for one of the contests.

It won first place!

As I said, been busy posting and trying to make sure links and such work correctly. Good thing to do inside in the air conditioning. It’s been in the mid to upper 80’s since the first day of Fall. *grumble*

Peaches by GeezerWench. One of my most popular stories. No, I didn’t add anything, I just broke it up into chapters like I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.

I Live Jasper and Peter – that slashy sideshot to I Live. I broke that into chapters, as well.

Set Up. Jasper and Bella, of course.

He Just Needed a Reason. PreTwilight Jasper and Bella. I had a few complaints that it was a bit “rapey.” I certainly didn’t intend that, so I touched it up a little.

Prelude to a Sunset. Jasper, Peter, and Bella. No slash. Bella’s just one lucky girl.

Digging through my folders on the laptop, I found this little drabble that I didn’t post anywhere but on Tricky Raven back in the day. Halloween theme. Found Herself.

And since it’s coming on to the Halloween season, check out my stories in the Holidays section!

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