This is me, trying to figure shit out

And it’s not working very well.

In my WordPress site, being hosted through BlueHost, I have a presentation page that is the home page. Looks pretty good, but most of that is due to the Tempera theme. There’s a sliding picture thingy and beneath that are some spots to highlight stories. Buggy suggested it and I like it.

But I wanted a PAGE where I could POST blogs. Just blog whinings, fussings, whatever.

It can be done with a STATIC page (page with non-moving parts), but I like the moving things of the Presentation Page.

Pretty slick.

You  must keep in mind POSTS and PAGES are different things. POSTS are for writing blog pieces, which show up on the front page or home page. PAGES are places where you can put other things, ie: stories and their chapters, if there are any. Or maybe recipes or instructions on how to do things. You can have a PARENT page and then add the CHILDREN page as chapters.

Figuring that out took me a minute or ten, but I got it.

Now this blog thing. Sure, I blog-write now and then, mostly about stories I’ve posted. That’s the point of me starting this WordPress. There isn’t a PAGE where you go to “write new blog.” At the upper right of the screen on the laptop, there is a button of sorts labeled “Write.” Which is all well and good if I just used WordPress and wasn’t hosted through BlueHost. I don’t like it so much. To write a blog through BlueHost, using the Tempera theme I have selected, takes multiple clicks to get to where I want to be.

I have searched and searched Google, WordPress, etc., to try and find a simpler, less clicky way to get to where I want to be. There just doesn’t seem to be one.

It’s annoying.

There are some plugins (apps, little programs) that can be added for blogging in particular. Alas, most I’ve looked through require some “short code” to be written in and most of that stuff is beyond me. I can copy and paste with the best of them, but that would just add to the amount of clicking and bullshit to do before actually writing and posting a blog. The point is LESS clicking. There doesn’t seem to be such a thing.

I call bullshit.

But anyhow, I s’pose I’ll have to do the multiple click thing to get there.

And don’t mind me too much. I’ll be playing with the other page formats as I go along to see what they look like.

Have a nice day.


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  1. I still can’t log into the admin thing to help you, likely because I changed my email address. I don’t know. Anyway…

    This should work?

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