Right unhappy with Maytag

One star. Would not buy again. Would not recommend.

No, this has nothing to do with fanfiction, but it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want.

The old, black-fronted GE dishwasher that came with the house finally gave up the ghost back in June (2017). The last major appliance in the kitchen to be replaced. At last! We got rid of the black GE stove/range first, replacing it with a white Whirlpool. Next to go was the black GE Fridge. A Whirlpool took its place.

At least, I think that was the order in which they were replaced.

I am not fond of black or stainless steel appliances. Those three big, light-sucking, boxy things made the kitchen look as dim as a cave.

The HuzBob researched and read about different dishwashers, read reviews (good and bad), and pulled up a few for me to look at. It didn’t matter to me what brand. My main concern was that it was white, would wash dishes, and the noise wouldn’t chase us out of the house. Keeping in mind I don’t need a NAME and huge price tag to display for the neighbors, ya know? Like this little beauty for 5700 dollars:


The HuzBob ordered a Maytag from Home Depot on June 21st. It arrived on June 30th. He and daughter Erika installed it in a couple/few hours (even with the recent surgery on his foot).

A mid-priced model, it cost 474 dollars. Yikes.

White on the outside, stainless steel interior, we thought it worked well. Until it started acting up a bit nearly two months ago.

Then it quit.

Being under warranty, called Maytag to get a service guy out here. We had to wait two weeks for Miles Appliance to show up.

They didn’t.

Meanwhile, Bob researched the problem online and determined the problem was a bad or blown Thermal Fuse. Darned if they don’t have those on Amazon.

He ordered two and they arrived within a couple of days.

The circuit board in the Maytag doesn’t even have any Thermal Fuses. HuzBob sent them back.

Called Miles Appliance and they never heard of us. They never received a work order from Maytag.

Called Maytag. AAA Appliance would be out in a week. October 16th!

No show.

Phoned Triple-A and asked, “What’s up?”

Never heard of us. Never got anything from Maytag. Triple-A suggested calling Whirlpool to get better service even though it’s a Maytag.

For warranty work, proper channels must be followed. I asked if they were trying to wait out the warranty.

The HuzBob called Whirlpool, who’s phone menu sounded suspiciously like Maytag’s even though they had a different phone number.

HuzBob then called Maytag and forcefully and sternly stated our displeasure at this turn of events. They extended our warranty for 6 whole months.

This very nice and personable tech named Bill showed up on Wednesday, October 25th and changed out the circuit board after pressing buttons on the Touch Panel and not receiving any “codes.”

He happened to mention those circuit boards cost $167.

After installing it, he quickly ran it through some cycles, pressing buttons and making soft little noises to himself. In between oohing and ahhing over the dogs and showing us pictures of his dog.

He packed up and left, and I looked forward to dumping the dinner dishes in there later!

Later, the dishwasher ran for ten minutes and quit. The lights started blinking on the Touch Panel. I opened the door and shut it, and attempted to restart it. It ran for ten minutes and quit.

Even later, lights started blinking on the stupid thing and finally went out.

Next morning when the HuzBob got up, the lights were blinking again. He attempted to restart it. It ran for ten minutes and stopped. Thankfully, he refrained from waking me up to tell me this. He sent a text.

I called Triple-A. After doing a couple tests while I had them on the phone, the nice lady Michelle, consulting with some guy in the background, said it sounded like it could be a bad Touch Panel and those are backordered.

Of course.

A while later, at 12:11, out of the blue, the dishwasher started, water whooshing and shooshing inside, and making that tiny hum like they do. It ran for a couple minutes, and then stopped, and all the lights were glowing brightly on the Touch Panel, looking just like a Christmas tree! Not nearly as happy and joyful, though. They’ve been glowing ever since.

Oh, pretty!

When I told Bob about that after he got home, he happened to find one (a Touch Panel) for our model of dishwasher on Amazon. If he ordered it right then, it could be here Monday.

For a mere $109.

Anyhow, that nice young man named Bill is due to be here today sometime before noon.

I’m pretty sure I won’t buy another Maytag anything. Probably should have bought a Whirlpool.


Model number: MDB4949SDH3

Serial Number: F72540603

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  1. LOL. Im not laughing at your pain, but your descriptions. All of mine are Frigidaire or Amana.

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