Been a while

Yes, been a while. I should mention the dishwasher. That thing was driving us crazy. The technician came back, did his little tests with the control panel on the front, and even checked the wiring underneath. He tough everything looked good. He couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working.

He called his own tech support and ended up getting a meter to test the wires underneath.

Now, keep in mind, the HuzBob installed the thing and he happens to know a thing or three about electricity. He’s not an “electrician,” but he could be. He works with electrical and electronic thingies at work.

Anyhow, the dishwasher technician, after performing his checks and reading his meter, said there was something wrong with the wiring from the dishwasher to the house.


Unbelievable. Of course, The HuzBob tried to blame me for that. See, like two, maybe three, years ago, I changed out a dimmer switch that just so happened to be in the circuit that goes to the dishwasher.  I don’t happen to think dimmer switches belong in a kitchen where one needs good lighting to do one’s work. I mentioned this to the HuzBob and I guess he didn’t think it was important. Even though the dial switch for that dimmer didn’t always work right. The switch for those lights were used every single day, and you had to fiddle with it to get the lights to come on.

I patiently waited for him to be gone for a while (he went to our daughter’s place over in WV) and I changed that switch out myself! Well, I have a book that tells you how to do that. I also had much encouragement from a friend.

While I was at it, I changed out a couple receptacles, too. Also using the Time-Life book on electricity and such. When using the old receptacles, sometimes when I would plug something into them, the plug would just fall out.

I felt that was not a good thing. I guess he didn’t hear me when I told him those old receptacles were worn out and plugs would fall out—they should be changed.

Okay, the point is, I changed out those electrical thingies, without dying, and for two (maybe three) years, the old dishwasher, and other things along what we think is that same circuit, continued to work. Until the old GE dishwasher died a few months ago.

Hey, appliances don’t last forever, right?

He and our other daughter installed the new dishwasher and weird things start to happen.

I’m just sayin’.

We’ve started another project. The wall of many colors. Perhaps you’ve seen the photos on my Facebook or Instagram. It’s turning out really well.

This is the main wall in the eating room. AKA the dining room.


I think he wanted to start another project because he’s feeling manic again or something. He’ll be retiring next month. 01/23/2018 will be his last day at work.

I’ve been a little stressed out. It didn’t help that he was off work from the end of April to just after Labor Day because he had his foot operated on. Since then, he’s been off work a lot. He can’t carry over his vacation time into the next year, so he’s using it up.

He’ll be off all this next week. Again.

Did I mention I was feeling a bit stressed?

The cut in pay, no more over time, no more bonus … all that is making me feel a little … anxious.

Well, I suppose we’ll survive it. Somehow. Finding projects to do. I sure hope he finds somethings to do that don’t include me. Too much togetherness is not good for us. We’ve spent most of our marriage not together since he was always working.

Him being here so much has been a strain.

So on to other stuff, if you’re still here.

I am writing a story for the Fandoms for Hope and Relief. For more information, follow the link to their Facebook page!

The story is called Daggers, and Tacos, and Vampires, Oh My! It’s a Supernatural and Twilight crossover.

Since I still have to work on that story, I should get going.


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