*Whew* I made it. Fandoms for Hope and Relief

I signed up to submit a story to the 2017 Fandoms for Hope and Relief, and with less than a week until the deadline, I finished it up and submitted it. It was getting close.

Fandoms for Hope and Relief was started in response to writers and artists wanting to do something to help the victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, and the earthquake in Mexico on September 19th that killed over 300 people and injured 6000 more.

Twenty-two authors and two artists signed up to create a compilation. To receive this, all you have to do is donate to one of the chosen charities and submit your receipt to


by December 11th by midnight PST

Certainly a worthy cause!

Charities are:










My story is called Daggers, and Tacos, and Vampires, Oh My and it’s a Supernatural/Twilight crossover.

Story summary: Sam and Dean take their new apprentice, Bella, to meet their mentor, Bobby Singer, and things get a little out of hand. Episode 2, sequel to Stick a Fork in Her, which I’ve begun referring to as Episode 1.

Genre: adventure, supernatural, action, romance

Rating: M (language, violence, character death – not a main character)

Pairing: Dean/Bella

Want to read episode 1? You can find it here.

Of course, if you want more information about Fandoms for Hope and Relief, you can join the Facebook group and have a look in their files. Maybe you’ll find one of your favorites there! Or find a new favorite.


Authors include:


Highlanderprincess / Lizzie Lee


StillDreaming85 / Kara Galloway


addict_writer or addict-writer (depending on the site) / Rody Cherry Dumitrescu / @CherryRody

TheDarkestFallingStars /Star Spiers / @AFStars_author

Jmolly / Jess Molly Brown / @jmollyfanfic

hiddenhibernian / Dionde Carrol

GeezerWench / @RickieBansbach

Fairusa84 / @ Fairusa84

Robstenlover93 / Emily Masen Cullen


WeeKittyAndTAT, Kasi Maakestad and Nicola Pitt, TeamAllTwilight and WeeKitty

AutumnDreamer / Kim Maxwell /@LegacyFF

BitterHarpy / Stephanie Smith Busbin / @StephanieBusbin

Robsessed73 / Fiona Mckelvey Keenan


TwiAddictAnne / Anne Chowdhury / @TwiAddictAnne

LadyAngel / Angel McCarty / @LadyAngelMarie1

Meeko Tales


Make a donation, send in a copy of your receipt, and get the compilation of stories and art. You get to read them first! The PDFs come out on December 20, 2017. Just in time for Christmas! The rest of you will have to wait for the stories to be publicly posted on February 28, 2018.



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