Windows for Christmas!

Today, Tuesday December 26, 2017, the window guys from American Design and Build will begin installing new windows in our little house.

I guess there aren’t too many folks who get new windows for Christmas.

It should be nice. Except it’s about 25 degrees and the wind is supposed to pick up. That part will be interesting.

As I was wiping muddy footprints off the current bow window, I was thinking this will be the third time we’ve had new windows installed in a house. I’m hoping this will be the last time.

The first time was when we lived in northeastern Ohio near Lake Erie, in Madison. About 1987. My daughter Leyna was a toddler and Erika was a baby. The windows in that house really sucked. Aluminum-framed, sliding casement windows. Broken seals, cloudy glass, drafty. I think there were nine or ten windows in that one.

They made a huge difference in that place. We had baseboard heaters throughout the house. Each room had its own thermostat. It was cold there in the winter, with the wind howling across the lake from Canada, and I typically dressed Erika in one of those footed blanket sleepers. In addition to the  blanket I put over her when it was bed time.

During the first real cold snap after the install, a while after I’d put Erika to bed, heard her fussing through the baby monitor. Went to check on her and that room was stifling hot, and Erika was drenched with sweat.

Those windows made a huge difference.

The next place was the house in West Virginia in 2005. It was built around 1910, we heard. I recommend you never buy a 100-year-old house unless you have at least an extra quarter-million dollars laying around you’re not doing anything with.

We did not. Which is part of the reason we don’t live there anymore.

Anyhow, we had all the windows in that house replaced. I think there were fifteen. That job cost about 14,000 dollars.

I guess it made a difference. It was hard to tell because the walls were like swiss cheese and the roof leaked heat like a chimney, but the windows looked good. Especially that big ol’ bay window we had them install.

We escaped West Virginia and moved to a little ranch house in  Delta, Pennsylvania. It was built in 1994. Prices have gone way up, and labor here in Pennsylvania is higher than in WV, so we’re not having all the windows replaced this time. We’re skipping the hall bath, and we’re not having the three little basement windows done either. Oh, there’s the window in the master bath that looks out into the garage. We boarded that sucker up and hung a cabinet over it. Not replacing that one either.

Like I said, stuff is way more expensive over here in PA.

We currently have a bow window in front. It will be replaced with a bay. That’s the only “fancy” we’re getting.

As you can see, our cat Pepper enjoys the bow, even though the windows are cloudy and hard to see out of. Along with the slobber and nose prints from the dogs.

Here’s my Jessie!

The pup Charlie has grown enough to be able to see out. She learned that from Jessie. They love checking to see who drives by.

Getting chilly in here since the two fellas showed up, but it’ll be okay. Fingers crossed the new windows help with the heating bill!

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