Trigger Warning (Twilight AU) finally posted here. :)

Almost forgot this one. I like it. Category: Twilight AU, implied canon pairings Summary:  Vicky’s got a gun. *trigger warning* Sniper shooting at Newton’s Outfitters. Acts of terrorism. Blood. Click on the banner on on the link below. Trigger Warning    

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A quick little Halloween-themed story – Twilight AU

. Digging through my files, I found this little story. It had been posted on Tricky Raven, but I hadn’t posted it anywhere else. Bella’s a vampire in this one, and she isn’t a traditional Cullen. Click on the link below or the photo above. Found Herself

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He Just Needed a Reason – Jasper x Bella posted on WordPress

I finally got He Just Needed a Reason posted on my WordPress site.

Edited a bit because a few folks thought it was a bit “abusive” or “rapey.” That was certainly not my intent.

Feel the need for a little smut? Here ya go!

Managed to post another! Twilight, Jacob and Bella

A one shot. Different than my usual style. Somewhat lyrical. Twilight, Jacob x Bella. I think I even put it in the right place. Click on the banner to go to the story.

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After a Few Decades posted … finally

Holy crap, it’s taken me how long to post this two chapter story! The hardest part was linking to the next page. *beating head on desk* But I think I finally got it. Thanks to Buggy for helping. After A Few Decades – Twilight Think I’m tired now.

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Two short stories are posted!

I sure hope I did it right. We’ll have to wait and see. Twilight, of course: A Kiss – Jasper and Bella Stranger Things: Eleven Daze of Halloween

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