More entries in the For the Love of Jasper Redux!

Eleven new Jasper stories! It’ll be time to vote for your favorite, soon, too. Give ’em a read!

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4 entries in the For the Love of Jasper Redux fanfiction contest

Four entries and one sample story, which I am sure I’ve read somewhere before. Yeah, I’m kind of excited. New Jasper stories to read! I’m looking forward to more being submitted. The deadline in 02/22/2018, so you all get those stories written so I can read them!

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For the Love of Jasper Redux – Fanfiction Contest

Yeah, I  know I don’t write real often. The HuzBob is retired now. I’ll leave it at that. Anyhow, happened to see this fanfiction writing contest! And I caught it before it was over, which is even better. I don’t know if I’ll try and write something or not. But…

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He Just Needed a Reason – Jasper x Bella posted on WordPress

I finally got He Just Needed a Reason posted on my WordPress site.

Edited a bit because a few folks thought it was a bit “abusive” or “rapey.” That was certainly not my intent.

Feel the need for a little smut? Here ya go!