He Just Needed a Reason – Jasper x Bella posted on WordPress

I finally got He Just Needed a Reason posted on my WordPress site.

Edited a bit because a few folks thought it was a bit “abusive” or “rapey.” That was certainly not my intent.

Feel the need for a little smut? Here ya go!

I guess it was a semi-productive day

  Oddly enough, it took me most of the day to post my five Supernatural one shots. Ye gods, in between processing the meager harvest of tomatoes from my lackluster garden (it really sucked this year), to watching the new puppy Charlie periodically, it’s taken me a long damn time…

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Managed to post another! Twilight, Jacob and Bella

A one shot. Different than my usual style. Somewhat lyrical. Twilight, Jacob x Bella. I think I even put it in the right place. Click on the banner to go to the story.

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After a Few Decades posted … finally

Holy crap, it’s taken me how long to post this two chapter story! The hardest part was linking to the next page. *beating head on desk* But I think I finally got it. Thanks to Buggy for helping. After A Few Decades – Twilight Think I’m tired now.

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