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Category: Twilight AU, AH 

Summary: Rosalie survived the attack and went on to marry Royce King. She’s gotten everything she’s ever dreamed of. Written for the 2015 Tricky Raven Nightmares and Dreams Halloween anonymous story contest. Twilight AU AH    

Characters / Pairing: Rosalie Hale, Royce King

Genre: drama, suspense  

Rating: M (some violence, domestic abuse)

Beta/Pre-Reader: happyghost

Banner by: GeezerWench.

Words: 1450

Prompt/inspiration: 2015 Tricky Raven Nightmares and Dreams anonymous story contest

Complete. One shot.

Disclaimer: (for fanfiction) Derivative work. I make no money.

A/N: Didn’t win anything, but it was fun!


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