Challenge – one shot

Category: Twilight AU

Summary: Of course, Edward left Bella after she became a vampire.

Title: Challenge

Author: GeezerWench

Characters / Pairing: canon, mostly

Genre: drama

Rating: T


Banner by: GeezerWench

Words: 168


Complete. One shot.

Disclaimer: Derivative work. No money is made by me.

A/N: Almost a double-drabble of sorts. No Nessie.



It really wasn’t totally unexpected, but it was still a bit of a surprise. To everyone except the Empath Jasper, who knew immediately what Edward felt the moment Bella awakened and opened her brilliant scarlet eyes.

Of course, Edward left Bella after her transformation into a vampire. The truly surprising thing was that it only took him a week to make a final decision.

Even the Seer Alice hadn’t seen that coming. As soon as Edward made his decision, he was out the door and racing north.

He still hadn’t been able to read her mind, but so many of the things he had found appealing about her were irretrievably gone once she became an immortal: her scent, her warmth, her softness, her fragility … and, most importantly, her blood.

There was also the fact that once she became a vampire, she was incomparably beautiful, matchlessly strong, unbeatably fast, exceptionally intelligent, interminably unchanging.

In a word — perfect.

Just like all the other vampire girls.

Where was the challenge?



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