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Category: Twilight AU 

Summary: The stakes are high in the game James has chosen to play. He and Victoria will do what’s needed to win against the coven of seven. No one took into account the Major has never lost. – multiple character death. One shot. Inspired by Tricky Raven’s 2015 Halloween contest.

Characters / Pairing: James, Bella, Renee, Jasper

Genre: Horror, action

Rating: MA


Banner by: GeezerWench

Words: 2249

Prompt/inspiration: Tricky Raven’s 2015 Halloween contest 

Complete. One shot.

A/N: Yeah, I wrote this for the Tricky Raven 2015 Halloween contest and there were limits to how many Twilight vampire-featured stories could be submitted. I had already submitted All She Ever Dreamed Of, so this one was rejected. Bummer.

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