Chapter 2: I Live Jasper and Peter



Jasper stepped into the shack where Peter laid screaming and writhing with the internal fire of the transformation into a vampire. After nearly four days, he would awaken soon.

Like no other that had been changed before him, Peter’s rage at being attacked had pounded into Jasper, and it had remained. Even as Jasper had crushed him to his chest and sank his teeth into Peter’s throat. Most humans felt sheer terror, but not Peter. He had been pissed off.

Jasper had drunk deeply of Peter’s sweet but alcohol-tainted blood, moaning as the bliss of the human nectar coated his tongue, filled his mouth, and soothed his burning throat. As Peter struggled, Jasper had shoved him against the wall and held him there with his own body.

Peter’s rage erupted from him and he had tried to fight Jasper off. “I said I ain’t no fuckin’ faggot!”

He had only succeeded in breaking his own hands against Jasper’s hard-as-stone shoulders.

Finally, due to exhaustion or blood loss, Peter had weakened and gone limp. Jasper pressed firmly against his body and began forcing his venom into Peter’s veins. When he thought there was enough, he had licked over his bite, sealing in the venom. He had let Peter drop to the ground and turned to the other unconscious humans that Peter had beaten.

After finishing with her two victims, Maria had stood watching him as he drained the last of the mens’ blood and rifled through their pockets, finding a small amount of cash. He shoved the money into his own pocket as he straightened from his kneeling position. As usual, there was no blood on Maria’s blouse or the tight-fitting dungarees she chose to wear when hunting. There wasn’t even any tell-tale blood on her full lips. In contrast, Jasper knew he was covered with it from his face to his boots.

She had handed him a bandana she had filled with the spoils of her search of the men. “They both had gold wedding rings in their pockets along with a small amount of cash.” She then pointed angrily at Peter. “Bring him. We must leave quickly before the humans inside decide to look for their companions.” She turned and disappeared down the dark alley, expecting Jasper to do exactly what she had commanded of him. He had hesitated for only a moment before bending down to pick up the still-quiet human. He flung him over his shoulder to carry him south to their camp deep in the desert.

It had briefly crossed Jasper’s mind to take the human and run in the opposite direction. Peter had been a skilled fighter as a human and that boded well for his being even better as a vampire—after Jasper had trained him—but he only hesitated a moment. Why leave Maria and her constant battles for territory when there were only more vampires out there fighting to claim, keep or expand their own feeding grounds? Any where he would go there would only be more battles, more killing. He fell in line behind Maria as he had for the last seven decades, stopping only once to lay Peter in a shallow, swiftly flowing creek to try and remove some of the blood from him. He hadn’t wanted the newborns already in the camp to attack Peter before he awoke.

He shook the memory from his head as he stared down at Peter’s straining, trembling body. Instead of pleading for mercy and death, as so many did while they were suffering the agony of the flames, Peter had threatened him over and over again when he had been able to form words through his screams. Even when Jasper hadn’t been near the shack he could still hear Peter bellowing, “I’ll kill you you cock suckin’ bastard!”

Peter’s heart sped up, and his body grew rigid. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists as if he were fighting against his own heart trying to pound its way out of his chest. Jasper knew it was nearly time. Oddly, Peter’s emotions had become muffled during his change, as if they were covered by a thick blanket of fog. It was just another of the strange things about Peter besides his almost continuous fury and his intermittent threats.

Jasper quickly stooped down and grabbed him under his arms. He dragged the stiff body out of the little shack and across the dusty ground toward the deep pit and the fire ring; the heels of Peter’s boots leaving furrows in the dry ground.

Jasper dropped him at Maria’s booted feet and looked up at the darkening sky. He was relieved that it would be dark soon and the unusual cover of clouds would block the stars.

Normally, they left the humans in one of the shacks or the barn. Sometimes they used a cave that was nearby. Maria had hidden Jasper in a cave while he was transforming. They had learned later that it was better if the newborns awoke in an enclosed place. When the new vampires first opened their eyes, the wide open sky often caused them to panic immediately. The newborns felt exposed in addition to their confusion. They wanted to hide and couldn’t do that with a wide sky over them.

It wasn’t out of concern for them. It was just another way to begin controlling them. It was easier if the newborn didn’t leap up off the ground and try to escape right away.

In spite of that, Jasper had dragged Peter out of the shack as a precaution. He expected Peter to try and attack him. He had been quite strong as a human—Jasper didn’t want him destroying the shack.

Soon after the newborns woke up, they were ravenously thirsty and looking for their first meal. Occasionally when they awoke, they would see Jasper or catch his scent and be filled with lust. He didn’t mind it too much if the females were to his liking. He could send their own lust back to them, and fucking them was better than fighting them.

It was dangerous to let a newborn get her arms around you because of her strength. If there was a particularly attractive female that was more interested in fucking than feeding, he’d throw her face down on the floor or shove her up against the wall, wrap his fingers around her throat, and shove his dick into her from behind. She wouldn’t be able to get her arms around him and crush him. It also kept them from biting.

He didn’t think he would have to worry about Peter feeling sexual lust for him.

Jasper wasn’t sure why Maria wanted to be present for Peter’s awakening. Over the last few decades, he almost always handled them without her. She wasn’t concerned with the day-to-day training any longer except for punishments. She probably thought that Peter would be as interested in her as she was in him. Jasper had a feeling Maria would be disappointed.

As Peter’s heart thudded even faster, Maria’s attentiveness increased, along with her arousal. She stepped closer to him.

A few of their newborns had crept from the barn and watched curiously as Jasper had dragged Peter from the small shack. Jasper growled at them, sending them scurrying back to the relative safety of the barn. As curious as they were, they knew they could very easily be thrown into the pit with their newest recruit if Maria decided she wanted to see a competition. Luckily for them, she had already seen Peter in action.

Then again, if Peter attacked Maria, they didn’t need the assholes witnessing Peter taking a piece out of her. Though if he did attack, Jasper would be able to subdue him and it would make for a good object lesson for the others. It was just better if they were inside.

Jasper took hold of Maria’s arm to stop her from moving any closer to Peter. He didn’t care if she got her arms torn off. She would deserve it for being so fucking stupid. She knew better than to get too close to a newborn. He just didn’t want to be punished if Peter got his hands on her. Maria could defend herself, and for some reason, he didn’t want Maria to kill Peter in a fit of rage if he damaged her.

“Maria, you know how they are. You know this one has been angry. I’m sure you’ve heard his threats.” He let go of her arm. “Even now, this one feels more anger than fear.”

Maria turned slowly to look up at him, a calculating gleam in her bright red eyes. “Are you jealous, my love?” She lightly tugged at the unbuttoned placket of the sleeveless blouse she was wearing; opening it further to display more cleavage. Then she put her hands on her hips and looked again at Peter.

Jasper merely raised an eyebrow at her and backed away from the newborn on the ground.

Maria looked over her shoulder at Jasper, glanced again at Peter, and sighed. She turned and walked toward him, swinging the full, calf-length, dark blue skirt she was wearing. She twirled in place beside Jasper, and crossed her arms delicately over her full breasts. “Why are you wearing a long-sleeved shirt?”

“I don’t want him to see all those scars yet.”

Peter sucked in a breath through his teeth as his heart came to a shuddering stop. The breath eased out as he laid there on the ground. Jasper opened his senses and felt curiosity from Peter. Then Peter inhaled deeply. He was alert and concentrating as he drew more air into his lungs.

Of course, like the rest of them, Peter didn’t need to breathe, but Jasper remembered how it was; pulling in the scents, trying to find something that was known, trying to identify them. There had been so many new odors, they had bombarded and filled his mind. It had been beyond disorienting, in addition to all the foreign emotions that had overwhelmed him.

Wariness formed around the curiosity, and Peter inhaled again. Recognition flared from him, and he was on his feet in an instant, crouching with his fists raised. Fury pulsed from him.

His brilliant red eyes snapped back and forth between Jasper and Maria and finally settled on Jasper who was standing as still as a statue.

Maria smiled deviously and propped her hands on her hips. “You are now mine. You will obey me or he,” and she glanced up at Jasper, “will tear you apart slowly and light those pieces on fire.”

Peter was confused and bewildered. His eyes traveled quickly over Maria and a miniscule sense of appreciation formed just beneath the anger. He quickly dismissed her and turned his eyes back to Jasper.

“Obey? Light me on fire?” Surprised, Peter’s hand went to his throat. “What the hell’s up with my … What’s all that noise? What the fuck are you?” His eyes narrowed as they returned to Maria.

Faster than he could blink, Maria was on him, slicing across his throat with her brilliant white teeth and wrenching his right arm off at his elbow as he raised it to try and defend himself.

He sucked in a breath through his teeth and started to turn toward where Maria had been, but it was too late. She was already behind him and slicing through what was left of his canvas shirt and his muscular shoulders.

As he dropped to his knees in pain, Maria was back beside Jasper and threw Peter’s forearm at his feet.

She lifted her chin, striking a haughty pose. She shook her head, flipping her long dark hair to her back. “It is fortunate for you that I am in an agreeable mood today. I am your mistress. It will be me who determines whether you live or die, and you may not last very long here.” She flicked her small hand in Jasper’s direction. “My Major will deal with you now. Do as he commands or you will suffer the consequences.”

She turned on her heel and stalked off to her house at the far side of the camp, her hips swaying, trusting Jasper to keep the newborn from attempting to attack her from behind.

Jasper was astonished that she hadn’t completely removed Peter’s head. Well, Maria had plenty of sadistic tricks up her sleeve. He’d wait to see what she had planned. Evidently, she didn’t want Peter ended yet.

He picked up Peter’s forearm and then hit him with a heavy dose of lethargy, causing him to sit back on his heels but not being strong enough to knock him out. Peter needed to be still while Jasper reattached his arm but he needed to be aware enough in order to hold it in place. To ensure there was a thick scar left behind, Jasper spit on the exposed end and spread his venom over the wound, making Peter hiss.

“Be still,” Jasper barked at him. He kneeled in front of Peter and grabbed his right bicep. He forced the two ends together and Peter hissed loudly again.

“She likes you.” Jasper smirked at him. “Aren’t you the lucky one?”

Despite the strength of the lethargy Jasper was holding him with, Peter mumbled, “What the hell does she do if she doesn’t like you?”

Ignoring that, Jasper felt the cut across Peter’s throat and saw that it had already stopped leaking venom and was sealed. “It’s a good day. She didn’t take your head off. That hurts worse than losing an arm.”

Peter groaned and reached to touch his arm. “That burns like a son of a bitch.”

“Because I put some of my venom on it. Yes, venom. We are vampires and we produce venom. It will scar you.” Jasper grabbed Peter’s left hand and folded his fingers around the wound in his right arm. “Hold that.”

Jasper stood and backed away from him. Peter’s eyes were still closed and Jasper slowly lessened his hold over him. “You’ll heal quickly, but you need to feed.”

“Wait a minute! That little Mexican bitch ripped my fuckin’ arm off, and you can stick it back on? Vampires? What the fuck are you talkin’ about? You can rip my head off and put it back on? Have I gone insane?” Peter growled and it cut off immediately. “What the hell?” His left hand went to his chest as his right still hung stiffly at his side. Then his eyes were on Jasper. “You!” Another deep growl vibrated up through his chest and his left hand formed into claw as he jumped to his feet. “I might be fuckin’ crazy, but I remember you. You’re that cock suckin’ queer!”

He snarled and leapt at Jasper.

Instantaneously, Jasper considered letting Peter hit him, but it was best to let the newborns know who was in charge as quickly as possible. In a blur of lightning fast strikes, he had Peter down on his knees, his arms caught in an iron grip, and a knee in the center of his back. The tension on Peter’s arms was so great, if he moved they would both be torn from his body. Jasper had his razor sharp teeth at Peter’s throat.

At last, Peter was filled with fear and gasping for breath. His eyes were ringed with white as he tried to get a look at Jasper.

After several minutes of holding him motionless, Jasper lifted his teeth from Peter’s skin, lightly licked his neck from his shoulder to his ear then whispered in a deep voice, “I do not suck cock.”




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