Chapter 3: I Live Jasper and Peter



Peter had fought him. Like some of the other newborns, he was slow to learn his station, but over the decades, Jasper had devised many ways to break them and bring them around to the correct way of thinking and behaving. Most he had learned at Maria’s hand. Or teeth.

Jasper had had enough of Peter’s rebellion; stalling and hesitancy at following orders. Being beaten and having his other arm ripped off had not convinced him to knuckle under. It seemed there was only one way to break him.

That day came sooner than expected. Jasper had thirteen of the twenty-six newborns out in the night-chilled, barren desert near a sluggish creek. Even though their camp was surrounded by miles of sand, rocks, and scrub brush, on occasion they caught another coven near a river or stream. It would only be to their advantage to learn to maneuver efficiently in water. An added benefit was it cleaned some of the accumulated dirt and filth from them.

Instead of following orders, Peter and another large male named Miguel kept breaking rank and snarling at each other though they were paired up to spar with others.

Jasper could knock them out, have the other newborns drag them back and throw them both in the pit, and let them try to finish each other, but he decided against it. Peter had been more obstinately determined than the others, but instead of enraging him, it had intrigued Jasper. He knew the newborns spoke amongst themselves while they were in their barn. Peter must have heard that Jasper wouldn’t put up with his insolence and seemed to be waiting for Jasper to confront him.

“Miguel! Leila! Take the others and go back to camp.” Jasper walked slowly to the edge of the creek. “Peter. Not you. You stay.”

Instead of panic at being ordered to stay behind with the Major like any of the others would have felt, Peter projected a sense of angry anticipation.

Most of the other newborns’ darkening red eyes flicked rapidly between Jasper and Peter. Clouds of dread and fright rose up from them as they hastily huddled together. Miguel and two other males smirked with malicious amusement as they stared at Peter.

Jasper glared at Miguel, and he raised one hand at the trembling group. They all splashed through the slowly moving creek and were soon gone, heading back to the only home they knew.

Peter stood arrogantly, letting the muddy water flow around his legs as he looked up. It wasn’t fear or trepidation; it was rage and a sense of satisfaction that crept from him as he scrutinized Jasper.

Jasper stared down at him silently; no expression showing on his face. It frequently unnerved the newborns, but it had no such effect on Peter. Instead, Peter felt determination, and his hands curled into tight fists.

Jasper didn’t know why, but for the first time since he had taken over the duties of training them, he wanted a newborn to continue to exist. “Maria will come for you soon,” he said lowly. He had never cared about any of the young vampires enough to ever give them any sort of advantage with Maria, but he knew he had to force Peter into submission. It would be Peter’s only chance. “She expects her soldiers to listen and obey instantly no matter what the order. You will learn this or you will die.”

Peter sneered at him with hate. “Fuck you and Maria.”

That response was expected. Jasper smirked at him and hit him with a dark blast of terror. Peter’s entire body seized, and he fell sideways into the muddy current with a loud splash. Jasper leapt in beside him, reached for his shoulders, and heaved Peter’s rigid body onto the bank. He slogged through the water and stood over Peter’s quaking body.

Jasper sent his awareness out, searching for anyone who might be nearby who might witness what he was about to do. There was no one else near. It was the only mercy he could show Peter. “You won’t remember everything I tell you, but you will remember this.” Jasper shoved a booted toe under Peter’s shoulder and flipped him onto his stomach. He knelt down beside him and yanked his hips from the ground. “You will submit to me. You will take orders.” He shoved Peter’s worn dungarees down his thighs instead of tearing them from him as he had done with the others.

Another small mercy.

The other males he had fucked into subservience had returned to camp fearful, dazed, naked, and bleeding venom from the gouges Jasper’s fingers had left in their hips and necks. Everyone had known what had happened.

Jasper bombarded Peter with a massive, heated wave of lust and let it swirl around himself, making his own dick quickly grow hard as he freed it from his own jeans. Venom flooded his mouth as Peter groaned and began to struggle against him. He spit into his hand, and then slid his venom-slicked fingers down over his stiff cock and placed the head at Peter’s tight entrance.

“You will obey,” Jasper whispered harshly as he thrust forward. He gasped at the sensations and planted his hands on Peter’s hips, holding him tightly as he thrust into him.

As Peter pushed himself up from the dusty ground, Jasper hit him with another blast of lust and a desire to please him, and Peter moaned loudly with the pleasure he couldn’t fight against any longer.

“You will submit. You will do as I say … as I command you.” Jasper pushed into him again, bent over Peter’s arching back, and grabbed his neck. He growled into Peter’s ear. “You will listen to me.”

Peter’s lust built and his pleasure began to filter more fully into Jasper’s awareness. Peter was helpless to prevent it, and Jasper could feel him beginning to want his release.

“Yessssss,” Jasper hissed as his own need wound higher. “You will follow orders. You want to please me.” He brushed his lips over Peter’s ear. “You will do what you need to do to exist … to live.” Some part of Jasper’s mind was shocked at the words he had spoken, but he shoved it aside as he began to thrust more quickly, feeling Peter’s orgasm approaching.

Their breaths were coming faster, and Jasper groaned with each gasp he heard from Peter.

Unlike any other, Peter tried one last time to resist. “No, you motherfuckin’—”

Jasper quickly licked his hand and reached around to begin stroking Peter’s throbbing dick. “Yes. I will make you obey just like I can make you come.”

Peter snarled as he came in Jasper’s hand. He tried to raise himself up, but Jasper let go of his hip, grabbed his neck again, and shoved him down as he started come. His own orgasm burst through him, and he poured that sensation over Peter, making him cry out and tremble underneath him.

As the last spasm left him, Jasper couldn’t suppress the grunt as he pulled away from Peter and slowly stood up, yanking up his jeans. He grabbed Peter around the waist and flung him back into the creek. Once again, he didn’t know why, but it was yet another small, inexplicable favor that he had never offered to any other. The flowing water would wash Jasper’s scent—and the scent of his come—from Peter.

Peter gasped and sputtered as he lurched to his feet and glared hatefully at Jasper.

“I will—”

“Silence! You will stay in the water until I allow you to come out.” Jasper tucked in his cotton duck shirt and buttoned his jeans as he stalked toward the creek. “You will obey me, or I will fuck you again.”



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