Peaches Chapter 2

-oOoOo- Tuesday -oOoOo-


Tuesday hadn’t been bad at all.

It was still damp, gloomy, and drippy, but less people stared at me—my shiny newness wearing off for them already. Or maybe it was the Minnesota Wild hockey jersey. Folks didn’t seem real interested in that sport in Forks. Maybe they were more into the log rolling and shit. I wondered if there was an official team? Did they have a mascot?

Noodles skipped up to me as I entered the first period class, cherubic face beaming, and asked, “So, you’re a hockey fan?”

“No. I bought it because it’s green.”

I made a mad dash for my seat and prayed it would be lunchtime soon. My mission to ditch Noodles wasn’t working so well.

Later, in my class with Jessica, I could see she was about to explode with some sort of juicy tidbit, but she wouldn’t even give me a hint. She quivered excitedly throughout the whole period, and when the bell finally rang, she grabbed my wrist and dragged me out into the hallway.

“Bella! You’ll never guess!” She squealed and bounced on her toes, pretty curls flying. “Edward isn’t in school today!”

Baffled, I stared at her. “Edward who?”

“Edward who? Edward Cullen. Yesterday afternoon, Kaly and Tracey saw him running to the office, then, like, two seconds later he burst through the door and ran outside. Lisa, Skye, and Suzie saw him run to the parking lot, jump in his car, and he burned rubber and fishtailed all the way to the highway!” She jerked me into the lunch line with her. “I was talking to Natalie later and she said he had a psychotic break. Then Cathy told me he had to be sent away. They think he’s been hospitalized.” Her eyes were wide with the alleged scandal as she picked up a salad to put on her tray.

I grabbed my own bottle of lemonade so Noodles wouldn’t be tempted to splurge on me again. “It’s a wonder he didn’t take out a busload of nuns and orphans driving like that. Glad he’s gone. He’s a freak, and I only mean that in the shittiest of ways.”

As Jessica followed me over to our table, I scanned the lunch room then set my Thunder Cats lunch bag on the table and dropped into a chair. There were only four at the pretty alien people table, and they were all staring at me, including the god-like Grumpy Gus.

“What do you mean he’s a freak? He’s gorgeous!” Jessica delicately picked a carrot out of her salad and munched on it.

“Well, he is quite flamboyantly pretty, but being pretty doesn’t preclude him from being a freak or an asshole. He’s in my biology class after lunch.” I pulled the chicken and romaine lettuce tortilla wrap out of my bag and peeled off the plastic. “The teacher made me go sit by him because that was the only empty seat, and the Poindexter held his nose and glared at me like I had stepped in dog shit or something.” I rolled my eyes. I knew damn well I didn’t smell bad. “Then the asshole scooted his chair as far from me as he could get, and I swear he was holding his breath.”

By that time, everyone at the table was eyeing me with rapt attention. I glanced over at Marvin Milktoast’s brothers and sisters. The girls appeared to be angry, but the big one had his hand over his mouth because he was laughing, and the golden Jasper god appeared to be less grumpy.

Were they listening? There was no way they could hear what I was saying.

“So, what happened next?”

I thought it was Ensign-Eric-of-the-USS-Enterprise that asked.

Snarling at the incident, I dumped my apple out of the bag. When that asswipe Edward had scooted his chair away yesterday, I had flipped my hair at him and showed him my back. Shunning the weenie had been a valid response, I had thought. “He was a prick. I hope he stays away.” I slapped my hand down on the bag, flattening it. “Well, then he choked or gagged or something, leapt up out of his chair, and bolted from the room. He didn’t even say anything to the teacher.”

“And you didn’t tell me?” Jessica exclaimed.

“What’s to tell? Jerky jerk was being a jerk. How is that news?”

I knew I heard a laugh. I peered across the room and saw the Cullen girls leaving in a huff, but Gargantu-Dude was grinning again, and he and Mr. Mancandy were looking right at me.


“They hardly ever miss school. Well, except when it’s actually sunny which is hardly ever,” Jessica said breathily. “Then they go camping or hiking or something outdoorsy like that. And they all always miss school together.” She brought her finger to her chin and her eyebrows drew together. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen just one of them take a day off.”


Outdoorsy? Then they should all be bronzed gods and goddesses, not a flock of albino beauties.

Miss Universe and her faithful companion Pixie Stick Legs didn’t strike me as the type that would camp anywhere but the Ritz Carlton.

I raised an eyebrow at them, and I swear it was like Lucifer himself took possession of my soul. I picked up my chicken wrap, licked along the seam of the tortilla, and while closing my eyes halfway, took the end very slowly into my mouth.

Big Dude’s eyes widened in surprise, and he gave his brother the side-eye. The fuck-hot piece of man meat never even twitched, but I could have sworn he was amused.


-oOoOo- 2 -oOoOo-



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