Peaches Chapter 4

-oOoOo- Monday -oOoOo-


I couldn’t wait for school on Monday. Thursday and Friday last week had been just so-so kind of days. I hadn’t gotten any kind of reaction out of Jasper at lunch time. I was determined to make him at least twitch or something.

I’d spent all weekend clearing out homework and planning my lunch menu for the next week. Bananas were really obvious, but I couldn’t not use one. Believe it or not, I’d found cherries with stems at the grocery store, along with some strawberries. They would probably suck since they had to be from South America or some shit, but they would do. I had also bought an avocado and more cans of peaches. Jasper had seemed to like them.

I thought I would start with the avocado. Not an obvious erotic fruit, but I thought I could steer Mr. Sex-on-Legs in the right direction

When I arrived at school, Emmett came out of nowhere and met me at my truck. I was a little startled at his appearance, but I was glad to see him. He was like my new bestie.

With a few reservations.

Allegedly, he was dating Rosalie, which led to all kids of sordid, despicable, and depraved thoughts considering they lived in the same house, so I was curious as to why he wasn’t with her.

But, what the hell? Even if he was setting me up for something, I could still enjoy his company in the meantime. Dudebro was a fucking riot.

“Hey, Gargantu-Dude. What’s up?” I greeted him as I climbed out of my old clunker. I scanned the parking lot and sidewalks into school and zeroed in on Jasper standing under the canopy not far from the front doors, the other students giving him a wide berth. When I really started to wonder why Emmett was meeting me at the truck, I saw Jasper stiffen and begin to walk toward us through the misty drizzle.

“Nothin’ much is up, Babe. I was just curious about what you brought to tease Jasper with today.” He burst out laughing and hoisted my backpack to his left shoulder.

His laugh was so infectious, I had to join in with him as we headed for the school. He had nagged me half to death last week, using the puppy lasers and those dimples, until I finally confessed my mission to him. He had roared with laughter and said, “Like it wasn’t obvious, Babe.”

Of course, I had replied with, “Then why’d you ask?”

I knew Jasper was a little interested—Emmett had confirmed it—but I couldn’t figure out what he was waiting for. I was a girl, he was a guy. I was a junior, he was a senior, so it wasn’t like he was too old for me. Apparently he wasn’t dating anyone. I sure wasn’t. I’d broken up with my boyfriend after one last goodbye fuck-fest right before I’d come to Forks. So what was the hold up?

Maybe he was shy? Jasper didn’t seem to be the bashful type, though I hadn’t heard him speak a word yet.

It was really weird.

If Emmett knew, he wasn’t telling. It was aggravating. He’d even told me Jasper thought I was cute. It was driving me insane.

But what if it was all part of the set-up?

Then Emmett had said we needed to make it really interesting. He bet that no matter what fruit I assaulted I wouldn’t break Jasper until the middle of the marking period.

That had given me a secret thrill, because if it was true, that meant he was open to the idea.

I had bet that I’d have him broken and saddled up by the end of the week.

The stakes? A one hundred percent, all-American greenback with George Washington’s picture on it.

Yeah, me and the Big Dude were high rollers.

He slung his huge arm around my shoulders and asked me what I brought for lunch.

I pointed my finger at his dimpled face and hissed, “Stop it!” then I realized Jasper wasn’t that far away. Had he heard Emmett?

“She won’t let me copy her homework, Jazzman. She’s a hard, hard woman.”

Relieved that Emmett covered for me, I just smiled demurely up at Jasper. I couldn’t help taking in a deep breath in order to get another hit of the Jazzman’s fuck-me flavor.

Far be it from me to say anything off color, but his smell had me creamin’ my jeans, as they say.

Oh, my fucking God.

He didn’t say a word, but he nodded at me.

I could have sworn he almost cracked a smile.





Emmett escorted me to lunch again, which was always fun times. It was like the kids could feel us coming toward them and they’d part like the Red Sea for Moses. It was hysterical.

He left me at my table after buying me an iced tea, and gave me a thumbs-up and a wink.

“It’s going to be interesting today, Em. If this doesn’t get to him, tomorrow should blow his mind.” I winked back at him.

“Damn, girl. You are cruel. I can’t fuckin’ wait!” He snort-laughed all the way to his table.

That’s when I saw Edward. He was back. I rolled my eyes, groaned in dismay, and dropped onto my chair. Slicing and dicing small woodland creatures in Biology had been so pleasant without him.

“Hi again, Jess,” I said as if I hadn’t seen her just ten minutes before in our last class. I started pulling stuff out of my Power Puff Girls lunch bag.

“Hi, Bella. What’s it going to be today?” She chuckled.

I just waggled my eyebrows at her.

A bad habit I had picked up from Emmett already.

She had forgiven me for being an exhibitionist jerk last week after I told her what I was doing. She hadn’t thought I would succeed, but she gave me points for having such a lofty goal. According to Jessica, none of the Cullens had ever dated anyone from school.

Welp. Go big or go home, right?

I’d told the rest of the group I was teasing the Cullen-collective just to get some sort of reaction out of them.

Eric thought the plan was funny, and he hoped it would work. It seemed he had a bit of a crush on Jasper, too. I couldn’t figure out if Eric was gay, if he was fanboying, or if it was one of those unrequited bromance things.

Ben and Angela had been scandalized. Angela’s father was a preacher and that could have had something to do with it, but they hadn’t left the table.

Whatever. I had already figured I was going to Hell. I was just trying to get a good spot.

Mysteriously, and to my utter relief, Noodles and Tyler had been avoiding me, so that meant Lauren wasn’t hanging around either, which tickled me right down to my toes. That had started around the same time Emmett began walking with me to lunch.

I leaned over the table and pulled the avocado out of the Ziploc bag, having already cut it in half and removing the pit.

Jess’s brow wrinkled as she took in the bumpy green fruit. “An avocado?”

“Yeah. It’s shaped like a …” I pointed down to my lap.

“What? Oh!” Jessica slapped her hand over her mouth and started giggling. “Bella, I think you’re putting entirely too much thought into this. Why don’t you just bring in a banana?”

“It’s on the list. Did you notice Edward was back?”

“He is?” Her head shot up and snapped toward Jasper’s table.

I swear she just swooned or some shit.

“He’s just so beautiful and elegant. If he was hospitalized with a psychotic break, how could he be back so soon?”

“He didn’t have a psychotic break,” I snarled disdainfully. “Emmett said it was personal family business, which sounds like total bullshit to me, but whatever. Poor little schnookums probably forgot he had a spa and chemical peel planned and that’s why he ran out of here last week. I wish he would go back to wherever the hell he went.”

Emmett’s boisterous guffaw rang out again, causing my eyes to narrow suspiciously.

It was just too coincidental sometimes when he laughed. It was hard to tell though. He laughed all the damn time. He was about the giddiest damn guy I’d ever met.

I peeked at them through my eyelashes while I quickly ate my ham and dill pickle sandwich. I could have sworn he was laughing at Edward. Like Emmett jabbing him in the ribs with his elbow didn’t give me a clue.

I studied Edward a little more closely. He was sitting with slumped shoulders, his head hanging down, elbows propped on his thighs, and his hands dangling loosely between his knees. He looked like crap with those dark circles under his eyes. Wherever he had been, it hadn’t done him any good. Maybe he had been sick.

But who gave a shit? I was on a mission and it was nearly go time.

Jess was talking with Angela as I shoved the wrapper from my sandwich back into the bag and picked up the avocado. Holding it upright, I separated the two halves. Shifting my eyes just enough to see Jasper’s table, I saw I had everyone’s undivided attention.

Pretending to ignore them, I set one half of the meaty fruit on the table and seductively caressed the other. Little Alice’s mouth dropped open, she jumped up from her chair, and stamped out of the room on her skinny turkey legs.

Holding it near my face, I slowly spun the avocado so my intended audience could get a good look at it, and slowly turned it so the narrow end was down. Jasper just sat there with no expression on his face as usual, but Emmett, Edward, and Rosalie were looking perplexed.

Not that I wanted to be obvious, but I took great pleasure in licking the index and middle finger of my left hand. Turning my hand, I placed my fingernails against the tip of the avocado and worked them upward, while I parted my lips and took in a deep breath. I drew my fingers back down the center of the avocado and brought them to my lips, licked them and sucked them into my mouth.

Rosalie’s eyes flew open, she grabbed her purse, and stormed out of the cafeteria, silk scarves fluttering behind her.

It appeared the girls were a little quicker than the boys.

I sucked and licked those two fingers as if they were the best thing I had ever eaten.

Jessica started to snicker, her hand over her mouth, and she whispered, “Look at Edward.” She was trying to hide behind a magazine and not choke on her pizza.

Edward had a death grip on the bridge of his nose, and he looked as if he’d eaten a bug and was going to puke.

Emmett had quite the smirk on his face.

Nothing from Jasper.

Fingers thoroughly tongued, I turned slightly to the avocado, closed my eyes and inhaled, then ran the tip of my tongue over my bottom lip. Next, I kissed the avocado and licked unhurriedly up the center with a broad stroke, ending with a long, deep “mmmmmmmmm.”

Edward couldn’t get out of the room fast enough. He flew out the doors.

Jessica snorted and dropped her head to the table behind her magazine, her shoulders shaking with her giggles.

With the tip of my tongue I touched the center of the avocado, twirled it around and then, just for fun, I gasped loudly, threw my head back, and moaned.

I peeked just in time to see Jasper’s eyes widen.


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