Peaches Chapter 5

-oOoOo- Tuesday -oOoOo-


Lunch on Tuesday made even me break out in a sweat.

Earlier in English class, I had asked Emmett again if he had told Jasper what I was doing exactly, and he swore to Jesus, the Pope, and all the saints that he hadn’t.

With that mouth on him? Yeah, right. Just about any time he opened his pie hole my first thought was altar boy.

I’d threatened him with a junk punch if he blabbed and tried to cheat on our bet. He held his hands up in front of me like he was trying to ward me off and had said, “You can screw around with Jasper’s junk all you want. Don’t be threatenin’ Big Dale.”

“Big Dale? You call your winkie Big Dale?”

“It ain’t no winkie. It’s a whopper, and Dale is my middle name.”

Sure. That made perfect sense.


Jasper wasn’t stupid. He had to know what I was doing—it was so fucking obvious—but I wanted to try and make sure Emmett hadn’t spilled the beans. He had said he was having too much fun and couldn’t wait to see what I would do next. That had actually been encouraging.

Interestingly, the girls and Edward were not at lunch. Perhaps they had decided to go to the spa together.

Emmett grinned at me and patted my back as he left me at my lunch table. Jessica was giggling already as she sat her tray down.

“What did you bring today?”

I smirked at her and pulled a bag of cherries out of my Animaniacs lunch bag.

A blank look crossed her face for a moment then she gasped, slapped her hand over her mouth and burst into a fit of giggles. “Oh. My. God, Bella! I can’t believe you!” When she caught her breath, she sighed and sat back in her chair, shaking her head. “What are you bringing tomorrow?”

I shrugged. “Just a banana.”

Jess snorted. “After what you’ve done to the other fruit, I can’t wait to see what you do to a banana.”

“Just the normal stuff. Licking, sucking … biting and…” I added quite the dramatic pause, “… swallowing.”

Emmett choked and started coughing.

I knew it! That son of a bitch could hear me from across the room. If he could, I was sure Jasper could. All the rest of them, too. I would have to think of some way to really test that theory.

What the hell was up with them? Was Eric right? Were they aliens, for Christ’s sake? Or did Doctor Daddy-o implant bionic hearing devices in their heads or something?

Cyborgs. Were they cyborgs like the Terminator? Is that why they all had those yellow eyes and Jasper’s chest and Emmett’s arms were so hard?

Naturally, that made me wonder what else Jasper might have that was hard.

Anyhow, I didn’t know what, but something was different about them. They weren’t just pale, pretty, rich kids.

Dismissing the crazy sci-fi musings for the time being and concentrating on my mission of a close encounter of the erotic kind—because if it didn’t happen soon I was going to fucking spontaneously combust—I wolfed down my soggy cheese and tomato sandwich.

I thought again about what a perfect angle I had in that chair. I could molest fruit to my heart’s content and see Jasper in the background.

It was fucking excellent.

I had carefully selected just the right cherries and pulled the first set of two out of the bag. I held them up in front of my face with my left hand and lightly ran my right index finger under the dangling fruits. I kissed each one, lightly licked them, and kissed them again. Unhurriedly, I took them into my mouth, closed my lips over them, and popped the stems off.

I leisurely chewed them and swallowed. They had tasted better than I expected. I plucked the next pair of cherries out of the bag. They were bigger than the previous two.

Jasper hadn’t moved. How the hell could he sit so still? Emmett was across the table from him and had shifted around in his chair and propped his chin on his fist. He was watching Jasper.

Okay, it was time to amp it up. I raised the two big cherries and moved my head back and forth to drag my lips over them, then poked my tongue out and ran it under the bottom of both. I curled it over the left one, getting it nice and wet. I sucked it halfway into my mouth and moaned, closing my eyes to mere slits. I opened my mouth, drew in a breath, then pursed my lips and exhaled. Cocking my head, I licked across both cherries, kissed them both and licked them again. Running the tip of my tongue over my lips to wet them, I opened my mouth just beneath the cherries, sucked one in and bit into it, letting the deep red juice run down my chin.

Jasper leaned forward.


-oOoOo- 5 -oOoOo-


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