Peaches Chapter 6

-oOoOo- Wednesday -oOoOo-


Wednesday dawned dark and dreary, and as I gazed out my bedroom window, I just knew it would be a momentous day. I had a feeling down deep in my bones.

And my, er, nether regions had quite a feeling, too—a quite warm and tingly one.

I put on my Boston Celtics jersey over my newly acquired black turtleneck and carefully packed my lunch in my Max Headroom lunchbox.

I was relieved to see that Charlie had left early again. I didn’t want to have to explain why I was so excited. Maybe I’d had some really good dreams. I wished I could remember them because I figured they had contributed to the warm and tingly feelings.

Grabbing all my stuff, I hurried out the front door and didn’t even care that it was another cold, rainy day as I skipped to my truck.

I almost fell the fuck out when I saw Emmett standing next to it.

“Big Dude! What the hell are you doing here? And … what happened to your clothes?” He looked like he’d been mugged or something.

Who the hell would even try to mug him?

There was mud on his pants and jacket, and he looked kind of … disheveled. I hadn’t ever even seen him dirty before, let alone all frumpy and wrinkled.

“Nothin’.” He glanced past me toward the woods behind my house then a big smile broke across his face. “Er, actually, my Jeep broke down back that way,” he waved vaguely down the street, “and I was walking up the road, saw your truck, and …”

“Need a ride to school?”

He just nodded, and his eyes shifted to the woods again and back to me.

What the hell was going on? Deciding to play along with whatever he was bullshitting me about; I unlocked the truck and climbed in.

“Do you need anything out of your Jeep? We could drive back and get it.”

“Uh, no. Just, ya know, go to school.” He shrugged and smiled quickly at me.

Once his massive bulk was in the truck there was hardly any room for me, but I managed to turn the key. The engine roared to life and I smiled. Nothing thundered quite like my beloved hunk-a-junk. Putting it in first gear, I happily, and noisily, made my rumbling way to school.

Whatever Emmett was nervous about, I guess he got over, because the big goof asked me if I was Irish.

“What?” Did he actually have an accident in his Jeep and crack his dome? I didn’t see any bruises or knots on his head.

He grinned again and pointed at my Celtics jersey.

Oh. “No. I bought it because it was green.”

We both broke into stupid giggles and laughed the rest of the way to Forks High.

Once we got to school, Emmett was fine, except for the messed up clothes part, and we clambered out of the truck. I slammed the door shut and when I turned around, Jasper was standing right there.

More than a little astonished, I stumbled back against the fender. I hadn’t seen him anywhere in the parking lot. It was like he had just materialized right behind me.

“J-J-Jasper. S’up?”

His liquid amber eyes looked deeply into mine; he took in a breath, and said, “Bella.”

That was the first time he had spoken to me, and he had said my name! His deep, rich voice rang with smooth, mellow tones that sank right into me and flowed right to my … er, avocado, then a burst of intense heat flowed up and through me, and I knew my face had to be flushing bright crimson because I was suddenly so damn warm.

God! I almost never blushed and there I was, blazing red right in front of the sexiest, most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my whole life. Well, it wasn’t a blush exactly. It was more like a hormonal hot flash.

Oh, God. He was wearing a black turtleneck just like I was.

It looked a lot better on him.

Maybe my mouth had fallen open and my jaw was flapping in the breeze. I wasn’t sure because then his full, sensuous lips parted again, and he said, “Hold out your hand, Bella.”

Instantaneously, my open palm was out in front of me. I couldn’t have refused him if I’d wanted to. He could have told me to jump off the space needle in Seattle and I would have done it.

He reached into the pocket of his fleece-lined denim jacket and set something round and cool in my hand, the tips of his fingers brushing lightly across my skin. Where he had touched me felt as if it was on fire, but I was incapable of tearing my eyes away from his to check for any scorch marks or blisters.

It was like I had sunk into those pools of liquid gold. I could drown in them, and I didn’t care because I wanted to. Then his scent hit me, and I felt my eyes go wide as I took a step toward him. I had to be closer to him.

I wanted to fucking lick him.

I swallowed and licked my lips instead. His eyes flicked downward, and it was as if I could feel his gaze on my mouth. It was … hot, electric, sizzling. Then his eyes were back on mine.

His expression didn’t change, but I knew he was amused, interested, curious, and … attracted to me. I didn’t know how I knew, but I knew.

A glint of something shone in his eyes. Mischief? Humor? Challenge?

“I’m looking forward to lunch,” he said quietly and just the very edges of his so very kissable lips twitched as if he was suppressing a smile. He eyes went to Emmett, who had magically appeared next to me, and Jasper nodded just once. He turned away to walk toward the school.

My breath whooshed out of me. I fell back and thumped against my truck, needing the support because I was suddenly light-headed. I couldn’t think—his smell was in my brain, and it had turned into gloppy, day-old oatmeal.

Finally, stupidly, I said, “Sure. Lunch. Right.”

Hell, he was gone!

Emmett cleared his throat lightly to get my attention. One eyebrow was raised, his head was cocked to the side, and there was a little smirky smile on his face. “Ready to go to class?”

Speechless, I could only nod. Then I remembered Jasper had put something in my hand.

A peach.




Damn that Emmett! It was all his fucking fault. After Mr. Banner had told us to knock it off and quit making fun of those two morons in Romeo and Juliet, Emmett just had to keep it up, and we both got slapped with detention after school.

That should crush the rumor that the Cullens never got in trouble.

Mr. Banner had picked some gangly boy to read a passage, and after every damn sentence the kid would stumble and stutter through, Emmett would change the words, coming up with some really fucking stupid shit, and whisper them to me.

I was holding my own until we got to the next scene and Emmett said, “What wipe threw bondo window breaks? It is the beast, and Isabella is the one.”

See? Just fucking stupid, but I totally lost it and brayed just like a jack ass. The teacher turned so purple, I thought he was going to have a stroke.

It had been a couple years since I’d been sentenced to detention, so I guess it wasn’t that bad. At least Emmett would be there. It should be pretty funny.

Hell, it should be great.

As a matter of fact, I started looking forward to it.

But, first there was lunch and the continuation of my mission: Get Up Close and Personal with Jasper the Sex God’s O Face.

Or: O Jasper! My Jasper! as Emmett liked to call it.

It was pretty obvious I had the hots for Jasper—how could he miss those subtle clues I was giving him, right? So, Emmett could call it anything he wanted as long as he didn’t sing like a stool pigeon and tell Jasper about our bet.

It was Wednesday already. Time was slipping by, but I was going to win that bet! Of course, the best part would be actually getting into those jeans that hugged his perfect ass and gave just a hint of the other treasures that lay within.

The sooner the better, too, because I thought my ovaries were about to explode, and if I got any, uh … moister … I’d slide out of my damn chair.

Would lunch time ever arrive?

Then there was the peach. A gift from Jasper.

I couldn’t decide if the peach was some kind of message from Jasper. Well, it was obviously some sort of message, but what? Was it a joke? Was he mocking me? Did it mean he liked it when I had eaten the peach slices? Did it mean he liked peaches? Or did he want me to do something to him with a peach?

I thought maybe I could come up with a couple of ideas.

I quivered and kind of wiggled in my seat. It was getting awfully warm in trigonometry.

Why wasn’t it lunch time yet?

Jessica leaned toward me and whispered, “What is wrong with you? You’ve been fidgeting since we got in here.”

“Uh, is it hot in here to you? And, um, I want to go to lunch.”

Jess sighed dramatically and patted my arm. “It is not hot in here, and it’s not lunch you want.” Her eyes darted back and forth as if she was checking to see if anyone was paying attention to us. “What did you bring today?”

“A peach … er, a banana.”

“So which is it?”

I wasn’t sure why, but I didn’t want to tell Jessica that Jasper had given me a peach, but damn! I had to tell somebody!

“This morning before school, Jasper gave me a peach.”

“Oh, my God! He did?” she gasped and grabbed my arm, shaking it. “I bet that means he liked what you did with those peaches you were eating.” She giggled. “Oh, my God! Let me see!”

Being a gift from the Great God Jasper, I’d hidden the sacred peach in my backpack before Emmett and I had walked into the school, and I’d left it there. I glanced quickly around the room. No one was paying us any mind. I carefully dug the fresh fruit out and brought it to my nose. I always had liked the way they smelled.

Then my I had a meltdown in my brain. And my pants.

“Fuck me to tears, it smells like him.” I had been in such a daze earlier I hadn’t noticed that the peach had his cologne on it.

Jessica sniffed at it. “I told you they all smelled wonderful.”

“Wonderful? He smells beyond wonderful. Christ! I’m drooling right now.” I sniffed it again, closing my eyes, drawing his scent as deeply into me as I could get it. “He smells like … He smells like sex, and cowboys, and … and sunshine and sex … and … My God, I could smell only him the rest of my life and never get tired of it.”

“If you say so, Bella.” Jessica drew back a bit, concern written all over her face. “His cologne does smell really nice, but I wouldn’t go that far.” She gathered up her papers and trig book and shoved them in her tote bag. “So, are you going to eat the peach or the banana?” She waggled her eyebrows at me.

I inhaled deeply again, trying to get every last bit of the essence of Jasper into me and then sighed. “Well, I think maybe I’ll stick with the original plan.” I winked at Jessica. “But when you’re on a delicate mission, you have to be able to adapt to changing circumstances. I may add the peach to my arsenal.”

She giggled and shook her head at me as I wiggled my eyebrows at her, and packed the hallowed peach very meticulously in my lunchbox. I cushioned it between the banana and the olive loaf and Muenster cheese sandwich.

The bell rang, and I practically catapulted out of my chair. I slalomed through and dodged the slackers who were just climbing out of their seats, and blew right by Emmett who was waiting at the door for me.

“Where ya goin’, Babe?”

I skidded to a stumbling halt and nearly slammed into the lockers across the hall. “Sorry, Big Dude. Um, starving, ya know.”

He draped his arm around my neck and squeezed my head against his hard chest and gave me noogies with his massive fist. “You’re full of shit. What did you bring for lunch today?”

“Didn’t I already not tell you what I brought?” I smacked him on his stomach, which was also pretty damn concrete-like. “I will continue to not tell you. You’ll see soon enough.” And so will Jasper. I thought maybe my current state of agitation, anticipation, and arousal would add to the realism of my performance.

Like that method acting shit.

Again, I caught myself not paying attention because I belatedly realized Emmett was dragging me toward the side doors instead of the front where we usually went in.

Oh. We’d be walking right by Emmett and Jasper’s table, and lo and behold, the-God-of-the-Seductively-Divine was already there.

Fuck me, he had taken his jacket off and hung it on the back of the chair. That black turtleneck clung to his perfect chest just … er, perfectly … and the sleeves were pushed about halfway up his beautiful, manly forearms.

Then my eyes were fixated on his throat, and out of the blue, I wanted to yank down the soft-looking material concealing his neck and just suck on him, and bite him, and lick him, and rub myself all over him.

It was a total head rush.

Then I tripped. It was a good thing Emmett had his arm around me or I would have face-planted right there in front of the blond god and everybody.

Emmett snickered at me and dragged me across the cafeteria to the lunch line where he bought me an orange juice and then deposited me at my table.

“So, what’s for lunch?”

“Dude.” I glared at him and pointed across the cafeteria at his table. “Just get your ass over there, sit down, and behave yourself.”

“I know you’re not going to behave your self.” He laughed all the way over to his table.

Like every other day that he walked me lunch, Jessica was staring at him with a glazed look in her eyes. I wondered what the hell she would do if Edward happened to show up, stop by the table, and say, “How-de-do?”

She snapped out of it and gave me a kind of revolted look as I gobbled my sandwich.

After a moment she brightened and a sly look crossed her features. “So, Bella, I hear you and Emmett have detention after school today.”

Man, shit spread fast through that place.

I nodded and crammed in another mouthful. After finally clearing my mouth, I said, “Yeah, Emmett was being a jerk in English.” Pausing to give it a bit of reconsideration, I decided I had to be fair to the ass. “Actually, Mr. Banner didn’t appreciate Emmett’s interpretation of the Bard and decided we needed further indoctrination.” I shoved in another mouthful of olive loaf.

“Are you sure you just don’t want a little one-on-one time with Emmett? You two seem to spend a lot of time with each other.”

The light didn’t just dawn—it was like the retina-incinerating flash of a nuclear detonation. The perfect opportunity to check on the bionic and or extraterrestrial super-hearing of the Cullens just fell into my lap, and my bud Jessica dropped it there!

Well, just Jasper and Emmett since the other ones hadn’t been around.

Okay, it wasn’t perfect. Exactly.

All right, it probably wouldn’t work, but I had to give it shot. Right?

I glanced back and forth, checking for eavesdroppers, and leaned forward, keeping Jasper and Emmett in my field of view beyond Jessica.

I loved that angle my seat gave me.

“Well, Jess,” I began with a whisper, “You’re right. Emmett and I do spend a lot of time together, and you know how he keeps hugging me and shit? Well, sometimes those hugs are pretty intense and let’s just say his biceps aren’t the only big muscle he’s got, if you know what I mean.”

I did the obligatory eyebrow waggle while Jessica giggled, and I heard a growl from across the room. I kept my eyes on Jess, but could see the look of utter shock on Emmett’s face. Fear crept over his features and his head turned slowly toward Jasper. He hadn’t moved, but his expressionless face somehow seemed stonier and colder than I’d ever seen it before.

Not that I’d been in Forks very long, or seen much of Jasper at all, but somehow I got the definite impression that he was pissed off.

It was only two of many, but those mysteries were solved. They could hear me from across the room and that golden, fuck-hot, panty-soaking, exquisitely gorgeous creature was interested.

Feeling a little smug, I stuffed the last bit of bread in my mouth.

Giggling and flushing pink, Jessica asked, “Still going with the banana?”

I could only nod as I forced down the last bit of my sandwich and tried to wash it down with the orange juice without it all going down the wrong pipe. Having need of the Heimlich maneuver would seriously disrupt my plans of performing fruit fellatio.

I shoved the sandwich wrapper in my lunchbox and lifted out the peach, bringing it to my nose. Jasper’s heavenly scent was still there, and I inhaled deeply, closing my eyes to slits and letting the warm feeling it gave me wash over me.

It was just … wonderful. I couldn’t help nuzzling the soft fuzz of the skin, then I kissed it and gave it a quick lick. I could almost taste him. Drawing it across my lips, I lowered my head and looked at Jasper from the corner of my eye. I was pretty damn sure he was paying close attention. I set the peach back in my lunch box.

On with the mission! The banana peeled easily, and I pretended to contemplate it as I saw Emmett scoot his chair farther away from Jasper.

That was intriguing.

I licked the tip of the yellow fruit and began nibbling very lightly about an inch below the end. There was no way anyone could have called me a sculptor, but I’d seen enough cock I thought I could carve a reasonable approximation with my teeth.

It was the thought that counted, right?

As I worked my mouth around, the banana became slimier and slimier, but I was on a mission, and I would not be deterred.

I rounded off the tip just a touch and held up my masterpiece for inspection.

Jessica was tittering and giggling while I was working, and when I held it up, she finally snorted and slapped her hand over her mouth, squeezed her eyes shut, and dropped her head to the table.

“Oh, my God, Bella,” she gasped. “That’s pretty good. I mean, it actually kinda looks like a …” She couldn’t speak anymore. She covered her face with her hands. “Oh. My. God.” She crossed her arms on the table and hid her face.

Dipping my head, I placed my flattened tongue at the bottom of the banana and drew it up slowly until I reached the head and kissed it.

A few seats down, Angela cleared her throat very loudly as a strange, plaintive squeaking noise came from that nice boy Ben.

My performance seemed to be having an effect on somebody, at least. Emmett was still nervously eyeing Jasper and he hadn’t moved.

I licked down the side toward my hand, turned my head and ran my tongue back up. Dipping my head, I looked up at Jasper as I circled the tip with my tongue and then sucked it into my mouth.

Jasper crossed his legs.


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