Prelude Chapter 4



“He’s outside. I felt him coming closer. He’ll be—”

Jasper was cut off by the soft shoosh and snick of the door. Peter had entered the suite and after an impossibly fast inspection of each room, was standing at the doorway leading into the bathroom. A flash of possessive jealousy shot through Jasper at seeing another male, even if he was his brother. He was glad Bella had her back to the door, and the high side of the tub and the thick foam was blocking Peter’s view of her.

A deep chuckle signaled Peter’s arrival to Bella and she jerked and screamed, splashing bubbles over Jasper’s face.

Quickly scraping them off, Jasper tightened his hold around her. “Shh. It’s okay. It’s just Peter. He won’t hurt you.”

“Peter?” Bella asked with a high-pitched squeak, her quick breaths puffing out over Jasper’s skin. Her whole body flushed hot with humiliation, and she tried to scoot farther down into the fragrant foam to hide. “He’s here? Oh, shit. But who is he?”

Peter shifted his boots loud enough for Bella to hear, and he took a step closer to the tub.

I’m Peter. Ain’t this a purty picture? Jasper in a bubble bath with a human and smellin’ all sweet and yummy,” he said, waggling his eyebrows. His rough voice was filled with humor and dripping with curiosity. He waved his hand toward them. “Who’s this? Or should I be askin’ if she’s in the marinade before dinner?”

Jasper knew Peter was teasing, but Bella didn’t. She let out a strangled “eep” and tried to hide by wiggling almost underneath him. He’d be a damn liar if he didn’t admit to enjoying the feel of her slick skin slipping over his.

Sitting up higher in the tub, growling, and bending protectively over her, Jasper narrowed his eyes at him. “Shut up. She’s mine.”

“Oh?” Peter asked, one brow arching above his deep red eyes and crossing his arms over his wide chest. “You told me to meet you here for a reason, and I don’t think you just picked her up. I think she’s that little secret you’ve been keepin’ from me.”

Jasper’s hand glided over Bella’s head, over the curve of her shoulder and along the silky skin of her back under the warm water. Admitting nothing, he said, “Bella, this is my brother Peter. Peter, this is Bella.”

A cynical chuckle and then, “The name tag in the bedroom says Mildred Englebert.”

“Englebert.” Jasper smiled softly. “She is my bright, shining angel,” Jasper replied. “Lover.” He kissed her temple. “Baby.” She smiled as the tip of his tongue drew a line over her bottom lip. “Mine.”

“She smells like … She smells … delicious.” Peter took another step. “Lemme see her.”

Bella knew Peter would be able to hear her, but she whispered to Jasper anyway, “Oh, God. I’m naked!”

Jasper gently cupped her chin and tilted her face to look into her eyes. “You’re mine, but you’ll also be his.”

“What?” Bella shrieked. “I thought you said he was your brother. I couldn’t … I can’t … I don’t even know … What are you talking about?” she stammered and attempted to make herself smaller by huddling as tightly as she could against his side, slopping water and suds over the side of the bath. In spite of Jasper’s influence, fear was taking over and she trembled under his hands.

If you allow it, Bella. Shh. It’s all right.” Jasper gradually urged her up his side and held her chin up as he tried to soothe her with his touch and a subtle push of his gift.

It crossed her mind to try and run, but she knew she’d never make it out of the tub without killing herself, let alone get away from Jasper, and though she was blushing bright red from her head to her toes, she couldn’t help peeking over her shoulder and then gaping at Peter when he was suddenly beside them. With wide eyes, she studied the long, pale, blond hair that curled at the top of his wide shoulders, and every inch of his handsome face, including his dark burgundy eyes. He was wearing blue jeans and a snug, brown V-neck T-shirt. It looked like it was made of milk chocolate silk.

They looked enough alike, they really could be brothers. He was nearly as beautiful as Jasper.

At first, Peter was stunned into silence as his eyes raked over what he could see of her. He inhaled deeply to draw in her scent, and then a low, seductive growl started in his chest after his penetrating examination ended back at her face. “She … she smells even better with your cum in her, Jasper.”

“I think so, too.” Jasper’s night dark eyes never left Peter’s as he kissed Bella’s flushing cheek and lightly licked the corner of her mouth, enjoying the new infusion of blood through her skin.

Peter’s eyes flashed to black at the sight of Jasper’s mouth on her, and her bright blush. He licked his lips and swallowed noisily. “When are we going to change her?”

Bella’s mouth dropped open in shock. “You … you’re gonna—”

“Yes. Soon. I told you I wasn’t going to waste any more time.” Jasper hissed in her ear while his fingertips glided along her jaw. “Look at him, Bella. He’ll love you as much as I do.”

“No-nobody could love me as much as you do.” Bella studied Jasper’s eyes, her embarrassment forgotten as she called up her love for him and tried to send it to him.

His eyelids fluttered closed as her adoration wrapped warmly around him. His hand went to her face and drew her mouth to his. “He will cherish you as I do.” He licked her lips. “You will be as precious to him as you are to me. Look at him.” He turned her so she was facing Peter.

Peter held his hands out toward them. “C’mere, sugar.” His eyes sparkled with invitation.

He was speaking in a joking tone, but Jasper knew how lonely his brother had been since Charlotte had found her own mate so many years before.

Bella’s love for the Cullens made Jasper think she had even more to share, and she had. She had given her love to him without reservation even after he admitted he’d been projecting his feelings to her, and unlike others, she had been able to handle the strength of them.

She would be able to handle Peter’s, too. Perhaps Peter’s emotions would have as strong an effect on her. He’d give it a try. Jasper reached for Peter’s right hand with his left. “Bella, this is what he feels for you already.”

When Jasper’s skin made contact with Peter’s, the new wave of emotions slammed into Bella taking her breath away. She could actually feel Peter’s fascination and his cautious hope. She felt his longing to be accepted and loved through Jasper.

Both of them wanted her with a yearning so intense it sent a mournful ache through her body, and she had to struggle to hold back the tears that sprang up.

Beneath it all, she caught the undercurrent of what they felt for each other. Not lovers, but more than friends. They were closer than siblings. Buried beneath that, there was another thread weaving through it all. It was almost as if something inside her heard them both calling to her, each in his own distinctive voice. She had answered Jasper’s call. She looked deeply into Peter’s dark eyes, and her heart went out to him.

Responding to his unspoken plea, she gripped the edge of the tub and slowly sat up, her wet hair falling forward over her shoulders.

Jasper sat up with her, his left hand gripping Peter’s, his right on Bella’s shoulder. “He craves, he yearns …”

“Like you. He’s not your real brother—he’s the brother of your heart. You love him, and he loves you.” Bella’s voice came out as a mere breath of air. “Peter, you’ve been so lonely.” Her fingertips touched Peter’s forearm, and she sighed because, like Jasper’s, it was as if she was being welcomed home.

“Yes, he is,” Jasper whispered into her ear. “You see it when no one else does—when I had forgotten for so long.” He kissed the soft skin in front of her ear. “You’ve been so alone.”

Peter’s fingertips skimmed over Bella’s jaw. “Not anymore.”

Jasper caught her around her waist and raised her up toward Peter whose hands were ready to lift her away.

Warm water and soft bubbles dripped from her body, but he brought her to his chest, soaking the front of his shirt and jeans. “You won’t be lonely anymore.”

“Oh! I’m all wet!” Bella tried to step back from him, but he held her firmly. “I’ll mess up your clothes.”

“I don’t care about my clothes.” His hungry gaze took her in, and he licked his lips. “I like you all wet.” He bent to kiss her lips, gathering her long hair and letting it fall down her back so he could nuzzle and taste her shoulder. “You taste so fuckin’ good. Maybe we can have a late night swim out in the pool.”

Before Bella could respond or even think of anything to say, there was another deluge of perfumed water on the floor, and Jasper’s long body was pressing against her back, his hands coasting down her sides. She could feel how hard he was and when he pushed her into Peter, it wasn’t difficult to tell Peter was also very aroused.

She almost couldn’t stand it. Two beautiful men; they’re lips nipping, sucking, and licking her neck and shoulders. She’d been nearly destroyed when Edward had rejected her and thrown her away. She was left thinking no one would ever want her, but there were two of the most stunning creatures she’d ever seen touching, holding, and loving her. She was nearly overwhelmed. They needed her like she needed air.

She couldn’t catch the elated moan before it escaped her mouth.

“No. Listen.”  Jasper took his hand from Bella’s waist and ran a fingertip down Peter’s cheek. “There’re too many humans out there. The casino’s open all night. There’ll be people—”

“Out there all damn night,” Peter grumbled. “Why the hell didn’t you find a hotel where the pool is closed at night?”

“Because this is where she works, ya dumb fuck.”

Peter blinked stupidly a few times. “Sugar, you work here?”

“You saw her name tag,” Jasper said in exasperation before Bella could get a word in. “And her uniform was right there on the floor.”

Peter glared hotly at Jasper over Bella’s head. “Listen, dipshit, I didn’t—”

“Both of you shut up!” Bella managed to turn enough to put a hand over each of their mouths. “Instead of brothers, you’re arguing like a couple of old married people! The pool and stuff is open all night, but there’s a huge bowl-shaped fountain out on the patio—”

“Baby, on second thought, you’ll be screamin’ my name too loud, and you’ll be too busy to go outside.” Peter smirked and ran a cool hand up her belly and to her right breast, making her groan and thud back against Jasper.

“We can’t stay here all night.” Jasper turned Bella to face him. “We’ll have to leave soon.”

She didn’t answer him. She couldn’t. Drops of water and little clouds of iridescent bubbles were flowing sensuously over the dips and curves of his arms and body and she was incapable of tearing her eyes away. She took a step back and her eyes were traveling slowly down. She gulped.

“Bella, did you hear me?”

“You … you’re wet.”

“Yes,” he said, puzzled.

“Wet,” she said dazedly. She reached out with one finger and followed a trail of vanilla bubbles over the curve of his pecs and down his smoothly muscled stomach. When she reached his belly button, his muscles tensed as she drew a leisurely circle around it and started to follow the faint trail of golden brown hair even lower. Her appreciative gaze moved back up to his face. “You are so fucking beautiful.”

Behind her, Peter let out a growl, threw a towel around her, and picked her up.

“Since we can’t stay here, Major Fuckin’ Beautiful can take care of the bathroom while you and I get better acquainted.” His tongue flicked out and over Bella’s lips before he kissed her.

It was Jasper’s own fault for not controlling his own lust. He couldn’t repress his deep growl when Bella grunted hungrily and grabbed a handful of Peter’s hair to hold his mouth to hers.

Peter grudgingly pulled back after several moments, placing several quick kisses over her mouth and chin as she sucked in a breath. He turned away from Jasper with a growl of his own.

“Jasper,” Peter hissed, his voice cracking with the strength of his emotions. “I need her.” He clutched Bella to his body. “I want you,” he groaned, his lips brushing over hers. “I want you now.” He nuzzled her face and kissed the corner of her eye.

“Don’t start gettin’ possessive, fucker.” Jasper pointed his finger at Peter. “She’s mine.”

Me possessive?” Peter turned and glared back at him. “Who came runnin’ to whom ten months ago? You didn’t tell me shit about what you were doin’, but you were obviously hidin’ somethin’. Ya show up for a couple days and take off again. Been doin’ that for months. Then you up and disappear without a word a month ago, and I don’t hear shit from you until yesterday when you told me to meet you here.”

Jasper stepped closer to them, the scented water still trickling down his body and legs. “I was looking for her.” He reached to touch Bella’s cheek. “I had to find you, Bella. I knew I was close.”

He bent to kiss her and Peter growled again. Jasper’s eyes flicked up to Peter’s in a flinty stare.

“You wanted me to meet her,” Peter whispered over the low growl that was still vibrating through him. “I could have helped you.”

“No. I had to find her.” With one finger, Jasper traced a delicate line along Bella’s hairline and down her temple, and then his eyes went back to Peter’s. “I told you to quit growling at me.”

Bella gulped nervously as Peter lowered his face toward hers, never taking his eyes off Jasper. “I can’t—”

“Help it? I know how you feel about her already. I knew she would be special to both of us.” Jasper sidled up even closer until Bella was being pressed between them. “Bella, I didn’t realize what you were to me until I thought you were gone.” His lips trailed over the curve of her shoulder. “When I started searching for you, I knew you would bring all three of us together. You’re meant to be ours.” He kissed her brow and turned his head until the tip of his nose was in Peter’s hair. “We’re meant to be yours.”

The quiet gasp and surge of lust from Bella caught him completely off guard but he grasped it and shared it with them both. He slid his left hand up Peter’s jaw and into his hair while his right cupped Bella’s warm cheek. He gently pulled them closer until their heads were all touching. The contact of all three caused Bella to hum with pleasure and Peter’s growl to soften.

Jasper nuzzled her face. “He will love you like I do.” He stepped back, his fingers still threaded through Peter’s hair, and caught his eye. “She’s ours. She’s precious.”

Peter started to back away.

Jasper sighed with resignation, and his gaze dropped to the wet tiles. “I’ll take care of the bathroom,” he conceded. He tipped his head to the side and looked up at Peter. “But I’m not leaving.” He couldn’t be away from her. He’d just found her.

Peter nodded, slipped Bella out from under Jasper’s hands and was gone.

“Bed, not the floor,” Jasper ground out through clenched teeth. With shaking fists, Jasper spun away from the doorway and reached for some towels to soak up the spilled water from the floor. He tried not to listen. He pulled the plug from the drain and tried to concentrate on the sound of the water draining from the large tub. He tried to think about anything else but the sounds from the other room.

On top of the awed pleasure she was feeling, Bella’s quiet moans and breathless cries were almost more than he could bear. He should have left, or gone outside, at any rate. He would have still been able to hear them, but it wouldn’t have been quite so intense.

Jasper very nearly crushed the granite countertop when he heard Bella yowl, “Oh, God, Peter!”

He couldn’t stop himself. He was at the doorway separating the rooms, one hand braced against the frame, the other gripping his dick that was excruciatingly hard. If he’d been human, he would have been hyperventilating.

He shouldn’t have stood there and watched, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away.

Bella’s skin was flushed and her long, dark hair was spread across the cream colored sheets. She was stunning in her lustful enjoyment.

Peter’s blond head was buried between her legs, while her arms were splayed straight out from her body, and she had a death grip on the sheets. Her head began thrashing back and forth, and her legs were clamped onto Peter’s shoulders. To keep her from squirming away, his large hands were gripping her hips.

She was so close to coming, her chest was heaving and her heels were digging into his back. They would be bruised.

A moan escaped Jasper. He should have been the one giving her that kind of pleasure; making her gasp and whine as his tongue and lips massaged her swelling clit. He should have been the first to taste her in her most intimate place.

When her breath caught and her hands flew to the sides of his head, Peter gave her one long lick and pulled his face away from her brown curls.

“Ah! Peter, don’t fuckin’ stop!” Her fingers released their clawing grasp on the sheets and tangled in his hair as she tried to force him back to his previous position.

Leaving her hands at his head, he crawled over her, letting his straining dick slide over her slick heat. “I ain’t stoppin’. Just got started.” He licked at her breast, sucking in her erect nipple while his left hand went back to her hip and forced it under her ass, lifting her. He took his dick in his hand, rubbed it over her folds, and with one smooth thrust, he was inside her. “Oh, fuck. Oh, goddamn.” Another low, reverberating growl started, and he brought his left leg up, raising Bella’s hips even higher off the mattress.

Jasper crushed the door frame and snatched his hand away from it. He had a perfect view of Peter’s wet, slick, hard cock moving teasingly slowly into and out of Bella’s hot, soft pussy, and he barely kept himself from dropping to his knees.

When Bella moaned as she licked her own juices from Peter’s mouth, Jasper did sink to the floor. He could smell her musky, womanly scent mixed with Peter’s venom, and he whimpered with the burning desire to taste that nectar on her lips.

The lust and exhilaration from both of them pounded into him, and he threw out one hand to catch himself before he hit the floor, while his other roughly stroked his throbbing dick.

Impossibly, Bella’s breaths picked up speed. Her hands were clamped on either side of Peter’s head. “Oh … oh. Oh, my God. Peter, I …”

“Yeah, baby. Fuck me. C’mon, push yourself on my dick.” Peter’s rippling growl grew louder. “But don’t do that. You’ll hurt yourself.”

Jasper snatched his forehead from the floor in time to see Peter carefully moving Bella’s mouth away from his throat as she whined her complaint.

She had tried to bite Peter! She hadn’t tried to bite him. A jealous snarl made its way through his bared teeth, and he was kneeling on the bed beside them, his body heaving with his breaths.

She’s mine!

His conflicting emotions were raging inside him. He’d been frantic to find her and make her his, but he’d also known he and Peter would belong to her. He’d wanted Peter to meet her. He knew he would love her. He’d wanted him to make love to her. But she had to belong to him first.

Bella’s hand rose up and the instant she touched the spot on his chest above his heart the jealousy was gone and her orgasmic ecstasy blew through him, stunning him, taking his breath away. Her hand moved from his heart, and her warm little fingers curled around his cock. Instead of throwing Peter away from her, his left hand dropped to hers, and he wrapped his long fingers around her hand circling his dick. He bent forward, his mouth covering hers, and he began licking away every bit of her arousal Peter had transferred there.

Peter hissed at Jasper in warning, but then arched his back as he thrust into Bella again. “Oh, fuck, yeah. Come, baby. Come all over me.” He planted his hands on her hips again, his body curved up and away from her, and he held her to him as he came and his venom pumped into her.

It was too much for Jasper. He was on fire. He couldn’t think, he couldn’t see—he could only feel, and he was lost and floundering in the sizzling heat battering him from all sides. All he could hear was Bella’s frenzied gasps as she called Peter’s name over and over.

His own release shot through him so intensely there were lights exploding behind his eyes.

Then Peter was roaring. He grabbed hold of a handful of Jasper’s hair at the back of his head, and was hauling him away from Bella.

“Keep your fuckin’ teeth away from her neck, ya fuckin’ asshole.” Peter shoved him away.

The back of Jasper’s head smashed onto the top of the footboard, gouging a large hunk out of it and cracking it down the center, but he stayed where he was—his head up against the damaged wood and his legs hanging off the side of the bed. Peter was right. He couldn’t bite Bella while they were in Lake Charles. He almost did.

He went to cover his face with his hands while he recovered from the best orgasm he’d ever had and realized both hands were covered in his own cum. He dropped them to the bed. After another moment or two, he slowly turned to find Peter curled completely around Bella at the head of the bed. He was murmuring in her ear and stroking her hair.

Jasper started to rise, and Peter growled at him again and yanked the torn sheet up until Bella was covered.

“Stop it.” Bella pushed Peter’s arms away and struggled to sit up. Her tangled mass of hair fell into her face and she tried to shove it back. She sighed wearily, gave up on her hair, and sagged back against Peter, resting her head on his right shoulder. “Come here, Jasper.” She raised her arm, but it just flopped onto the bed. “Peter, straighten your legs out. Scoot over. Jasper. Come. Here.”

He rolled over, wiped his hands on the ragged sheets, and crept toward her. He didn’t remember ripping the sheets. Hell, maybe Bella or Peter had. He also noticed the deep red comforter was on the floor.

Keeping his eye on Peter and watching for any aggressive reactions, Jasper settled next to Bella. He tucked his head into her neck, being careful to not bruise her shoulder, slid his right arm over her, and drew his right leg up, raising hers so they would drape over his. He couldn’t help noticing that not only had he come all over his and Bella’s hands, through their movements—the grasping and straining against each other—Bella and Peter were thoroughly covered in his scent. He breathed in their combined essence, and the peace and utter contentment that filled him spilled out and over both of them, causing all three of them to sigh in bliss.

Jasper tilted his head to kiss the smooth skin beneath Bella’s jaw. “You’ll get cold. We should wrap the blanket around you,” he whispered. “We’ll pull the heat out of you.”

“I’m fine. I’m not cold.”

Peter shifted slightly, turning more to face Bella and Jasper, and drawing his left leg up over Jasper’s. With his fingertips, he softly stroked Bella’s cheek and then laid his hand on the side of Jasper’s face.

Peter was absolutely enchanted with Bella, and Jasper had never before felt such satisfaction and fulfillment from his friend and brother. He wished they could stay there like that forever. He hated to rip them out of their idyllic little world, but there were things that had to be done.

“We’ll have to leave,” Jasper murmured to them both.

“So you’ve said.” Peter’s voice vibrated through all three of them. “I take it you have this all planned out? Like I said, I coulda helped you. But you had to go off and—”

Jasper snorted over Bella’s chest. “I said I had to find her myself. I needed to. I knew I was close and—”

“Quit it.” Bella let out a long, exasperated breath. “Why do you have to argue?”

“Because he’s a bullheaded asshole,” Peter grumbled at the same time Jasper hissed, “Because he’s a pain in my ass.”

“Ugh!” Bella rolled her eyes. “Just stop!” She wiggled enough to get her arms free and patted Jasper’s hand on her stomach and Peter’s hand on her face. “You sound like a couple of kids. By the way, which one of you is the oldest brother?”

“I am,” they both said.

“Bullshit.” Jasper growled. “I’m over a hundred and sixty years old.”

Peter kissed Bella’s forehead. “Don’t listen to his bullshit, sugar. He was nineteen or twenty when he was changed. I was twenty-five or twenty-six, I think. In dog years, that makes me about a hundred and seventy-five human years to his hundred and forty.”

“You’re a dog, all right. Betraying your master,” Jasper replied, raising his head from Bella’s shoulder to shoot Peter a hard look. “I was changed back in 1863. I bit you back in 1936, and—”

“You aren’t my fuckin’ master, you—”

“Oh, my God! Stop!” If Bella hadn’t been so worn out, she would have tried to knock their heads together. “Time to change the subject. Where are we going?”

Peter snuggled even closer to Bella, throwing his arm over Jasper and pulling them both even more tightly against him. “Baby, you, me, and Jasper are goin’ to ride off into the sunset.”

“But what about my roommate? She’ll be expecting me to come home. She’ll be worried.”

Jasper pressed his lips to the corner of Bella’s mouth. “That’s why I was in the hotel. I saw Nessie. I … dazzled her. It wasn’t easy. I think she might have a shield around her mind like you do. She won’t even think about you until tomorrow. She’ll be fine.”

“Dazzled?” Peter asked. “Shield?”

“Edward couldn’t read my mind.” Bella huffed in annoyance and frowned. “Since he couldn’t read my mind to figure out what I wanted to hear, he would dazzle me. He used to do it to me all the time to get his way.”

“Ahh. The glamour.” Peter nodded wisely. “I’m sure the little mind-rapin’ bitch did use it on you. I always hated that mind readin’ fucker.”

“Er … I’ll bet.” She looked down at Jasper gazing up at her. “As long as Ness is okay. She was doing all right before I met her. She’ll be all right when I’m gone. I’ve told her I could disappear one day.” Bella swallowed noisily and cleared her throat. “I’m glad you didn’t dazzle me, Jasper. I could always tell. After he did it.” She kissed his forehead. “I want to go with you both. So, if we’re leaving, I need to take a shower.”

“No!” Jasper exclaimed quickly. “I like—”

Peter chuckled. “We both like you smellin’ like us. A’ course, Jasper had to get his venom fuckin’ everywhere.”

Before Jasper could make some retort, Bella placed her hand over his mouth. “What did I say?” she asked, narrowing her eyes at him in a threatening manner.

“I’d say Jasper found his master.” Peter laughed, shaking the whole bed. “You shut him up.”

“Peter!” Bella sat up, pushing them both away from her. “Let me up.” She knew she was only able to move them because they let her. “I need to wash my hands at least. Then find my clothes, and try to fix my hair.”

Jasper rolled away from her, but kept a hand on her foot, not wanting to lose contact with her. “I brought some clothes for you. You can’t wear your uniform, but we’ll take it. We’ll have to take the sheets and blanket, too.”

Bella stopped trying to fight with her hair. “Why would we have to take that stuff? I know we ripped the sheets, but you should see some of the stuff the guests do to the rooms. It’s kinda gross sometimes. I keep latex gloves on my cart at all times. So, I guess we don’t have to worry about the broken footboard or the trim around the doorway?”

“That Jasper broke.” Peter grinned at her. “Can’t leave all that dick venom and spit venom here. Then there’s a little bit of your blood on the sheets.” He leaned over and worked his face through her mass of hair to kiss her neck. “It smelled so good. Tasted even better.”

“Uh … oh. You could … uh,” Bella stammered, covering her face with her hands in her mortification.

“Peter, just shut the hell up. You’re embarrassing her. You slammed my head against the damn footboard.” Jasper stood up from the bed, pulling Bella with him.

“Yeah, because you were about to bite her. You broke the doorframe all by yourself.” Peter, still grinning, slid off the bed and grabbed the sheets, rolling them into a ball. “I like her embarrassed. The blush pinks her right up.” He wiggled his eyebrows at them. “Makes you smell even better, sugar.”

Bella was a little unsteady on her feet, but she still managed to work up an indignant growl. “Okay, look. We have things we need to do. Peter, you gather up the sheets, mattress cover, and the blanket. Jasper, you get the towels out of the bathroom. Do you have something to put them in? Do you have a car nearby? How are we going to sneak out? Somebody might see us, and—”

“Shh. Darlin’. I have trash bags to put all that stuff in. I have a truck not far away. It’s dark now and there aren’t too many people out at the pool—they won’t see us. I already took care of the security cameras. I moved them so there aren’t any pointed at the exit on the parking lot side.” He pulled her into his body and ran a hand over her head and down her back. “You take care of what you need to and we’ll take care of the rest. There’s clothes and stuff in the bag I left in the bathroom.” He inhaled her scent and kissed the side of her face, noting the weariness of her features. “Everything will be fine. I know you’re tired. You can sleep on the way.”

Bella peered up at him and a tendril of guilt worked its way around them. “But, I think I need to hear about how you thought I was dead when I wasn’t, and what about Alice? Did she see any of this? She’s your wife and—”

“And here comes the guilt you don’t need to feel.”

“Well, you had me a little distracted before, and I … I didn’t even think about anyone else.”

“Only a little distracted?” Jasper raised his eyebrows in question as Bella tried to hide her face.

Peter grunted. “Huh. Who’s shoutin’ orders now like they’re the master? And I’m right curious myself. I’d like to hear about all that, too, Mr. Hale.” Peter walked around the bed, tossed the sheets onto the comforter, and then stepped closer to Bella, kissing the top of her head. “Should be a real interestin’ story.”

Jasper frowned at Peter. “It’s not Hale anymore. Hasn’t been for a long time.” He bent down to peer into Bella’s eyes. “There’s no need to feel guilty, Bella. I’ll explain along the way. Everything is all right.” He wrapped his arms around her and sent her all the reassurance and love that he could. “There’s no need to worry. I’ve taken care of everything.”

Basking in the warm, heartening emotions from Bella and Jasper, Peter sighed happily. “Yeah, don’t worry, sugar. Jasper and I will take care of anything you need. You’re all I need.”

Relieved by Jasper’s words and the strength of his conviction, and comforted by the feel of all three of them so close to each other, Bella turned in Jasper’s arms so she could reach up and cup Peter’s cheek as she slipped an arm around Jasper’s waist. “I’ll try not to worry. I have you both. We all have each other.” She gave each of them a quick kiss. “Let’s ride off into that sunset.”




“Englebert” – German name meaning shining or bright angel

Late Night Swim by happyghost on FFN.

Covet Thy Enemy-Betray Thy Master by jlove34 on FFN. Tried to use the whole title, but just couldn’t figure out how to do it!

All I Need by CayStar on FFN.

All three are part of the “Wet Jasper Challenge.”










  1. I don’t know how the 2 guys are going to be able to both be with Bella. They seem ready to kill each other or maybe just smother the other one. Poor Bella is going to feel more like a referee than a partner, huh?

    • Oh, our sweet boys are just going to have to learn to get along for Bella’s sake. And I like to think they love her, but they all get on each others nerves. The difference is they work it out.

      It’s why it’s called “fantasy.”


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