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Category: Twilight AU

Summary: After abruptly leaving Forks, Jasper’s utter detachment from life shows Alice he is already gone. Leaving the Cullens, Jasper wanders aimlessly. Eventually returning to Forks, he discovers the orphan that was raised by wolves. Written for the 2016 Straight thru the Heart anonymous story contest. 

Title: Raised by Wolves 

Author: GeezerWench   

Characters / Pairing: Jasper/Bella, Jacob Black, Edward, Alice

Genre: some angst, action, romance, some humor 

Rating: MA


Banner by: GeezerWench / Rickie Bansbach

Words: about 6983

Prompt/inspiration: Jasper and the Straight Thru the Heart Contest 2016 


Disclaimer: Derivative work. I make no money.

A/N: Yeah, I entered this in the 2016 Straight thru the Heart anonymous story contest on Fanfiction.net. I should have known better. If it’s not Edward-centric, It ain’t gonna win anything. But now I can post it.

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