Chapter 5: Raised by Wolves



“Wait!” Bella held up a finger in front of Jasper’s nose and very carefully hung her beloved purple coat on the doorknob, before slamming the door shut. One sleeve got trapped between the door and jamb, but she didn’t give a shit.

Jasper pounced, taking Bella to the floor and knocking over a small table. The two baskets that had sat on top, and their contents, bounced and scattered across the floor into a large dining area.

Jasper blinked, stunned again. “Is that …?”

“K.Y. jelly and assorted lubes.” Bella flipped him onto his back and straddled his thighs. “Different flavors, too. One is bacon.” Her hands coasted over his shoulders and down his chest.

“Do … do you mind me asking …?”

“Why so many?” She leaned forward with a smile until her nose was almost touching his. “Paul throws them on the porch when he runs by. His version of romance.”

“Oh?” Jasper swallowed thickly. Her lips were so close. “I thought he wanted to kill you?”

“Uh, it’s kind of a love-hate thing.” She shrugged, licked his mouth, and sat up before ripping the plain white T-shirt from his body. His flannel shirt, and her own over shirt, had disappeared somewhere along the path through the woods. She had no idea where their boots and socks were. “Oh,” she breathed.

Jasper stilled and remained motionless under her intense scrutiny. He wasn’t ashamed of the battle scars that crisscrossed and slashed his torso, but he’d spent years covering them so as to not unduly alarm others, unless the situation required it. Most females had shied away from him when first seeing them—including Alice. He couldn’t decipher Bella’s expression and her emotions were suddenly blank to him.

At least she hadn’t run away.

With the tip of her finger, Bella drew a faint line from the thick scar above his heart and down. She paused at the fine, golden brown hairs marking a trail from his navel and disappearing beneath his belt buckle. When her eyes snapped up to his, they glittered like faceted obsidian.

He held his breath in wary anticipation, not having the first clue what she was thinking or feeling. “Bella, I—”

“Stop,” she commanded. “I’ve got a few of my own. Each and every mark is a battle you won—a bitch that tried to kill you and lost.” She peeled off her long-sleeved grey shirt and flung it across the room. “You’re the sexiest, most lickable fucking man I’ve ever seen.”

He never got a chance to look her over for any scars, or anything else, because her left hand had a fistful of his hair, and her mouth was hungrily devouring his. Her right hand was unbuckling his belt.

He was momentarily dazed when a wave of her needful lust and craving broke over him. He soon caught up with her, hooking his thumbs in her jeans and tearing them away.

“Bed?” he gasped into her hair. He almost cried out when her hand wrapped around his dick.

“Up in the loft,” she answered between licks and nips at his jaw.

“Never mind.”

He rolled them until he was on his knees above her, but she never stopped her rhythmic strokes on his cock. When her teasing fingers gathered his precum and spread it down his achingly hard length, he couldn’t hold back. It had been so long.

Jasper groaned and grabbed her hand. “If you keep doing that, I’m—”

“Jasper.” Her voice was a sultry purr that sent a shot of blazing heat straight to his dick. “Cum on me.”

On her? Bella Swan certainly had changed.

With his face buried in the hair at her neck, he let go and shuddered with each pulse of his orgasm and caress of her hand.

When he regained his senses, he was flat on his back, and Bella was kneeling beside him, trailing kisses down his throat to his chest. When she reached a nipple, she took it between her teeth and tugged, grinning at him.

He sat up, catching her face between his hands. He could hardly believe he was there with her. He’d spent a decade yearning for a mate he didn’t know existed, and she’d been there the whole time.

“You waited here for ten years.”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“You waited for me to come back for ten years.”

She reached to smooth the worried lines that formed on his brow. “Yes.”

He swallowed, suddenly unsure, and searched her dark, passion-filled eyes. “But there’s a history here.”

She raised one eyebrow in challenge. “Yes, there is.”

Wrapping one hand around the back of her neck, Jasper brought her closer. “Not Jacob Black. I know how you feel about him. But you’ve entertained several different shifters here in your cabin.”

“Mr. Nosy, aren’t you? I feed them, and I make salsa and stuff to sell,” was her nonchalant reply. “They’re my food tasters.”

Jasper kissed the corner of her mouth and held his lips there. “But there’s one in particular … Paul?”

“Well …” She lowered her eyes. “That’s really more of a lust-hate relationship.”

“That’s over now,” he demanded, his tone deepening.

A secret smile spread across her lips, and she kissed him lightly. “If you’re vampire enough to handle me.” The smile grew wider. “Raised by wolves, remember?”

Nuzzling her jaw and cheek, Jasper paused at her ear. “The little wolf girl is more of a vixen. Don’t wolves mate for life?”

“Typically.” Bella’s breath quickened. “He’s not—”

Jasper tightened his hold on her neck and nudged her over onto her back, sliding smoothly in between her thighs. “I think I can be vampire enough for the wolf girl.” He pressed the head of his fully aroused dick at her slick opening.

Her breath caught as he entered her deliberately, inch by inch, and then she sighed in pleasure, a fire burning in her eyes. “At least you smell a lot better.”

The fierce hunger in Jasper’s eyes held her transfixed as he gradually withdrew. “I’ve waited my whole life for you.” A muted rumbling vibrated through his chest as his other hand slid down over her ass and gripped her as he thrust forcefully into her, causing her to cry out in ecstasy. “I’m vampire enough to tame the wolf.”


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