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Category: Twilight AU 

Summary: Jasper was merely waiting for Bella to get over herself. Twilight AU. It’s rather bloody. Language.   

Characters / Pairing: Jasper / Bella

Genre: suspense, drama, touch of humor, smidgeon of romance  

Rating: M


Banner by: GeezerWench

Words: 6838 (3 chapters)

Prompt/inspiration: I just love Jasper. 


Disclaimer: (for fanfiction) Derivative work. I make no money.

A/N: I’ve had this sitting in the computer for a while, and I thought I could maybe submit it to a Twilight fanfiction contest. I read the rules very carefully again, and saw this “Edward/Bella only,” which I did not recall seeing before.

Screw that shit. So, here it is.


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