Beside Me – one shot

Category: (Twilight canon or AU, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Avengers, etc.)


Characters / Pairing: Embry/Bella

Genre: romance

Rating: K+

Beta/Pre-Reader: n/a

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Words: 507

Prompt/inspiration: #8 gif Young man and woman running down a calm beach

Complete. One shot.

Disclaimer: Derivative work. I make no money.

A/N: 2015 Tricky Raven’s Weekly Fanfiction Flash Fic Challenge

Week of Feb. 23 – March 1, 2015

Part of the Brown Sugar universe.


~o~ Beside Me ~o~


Shrieking in laughter, she pelted down the beach, her bare feet skimming the edge of the rippling waves.

It was a game they’d stumbled into one day when they’d been strolling along the shore and it had begun to snow. Bella had tugged her scarf up over her face and pulled the hood of her coat more tightly around her head. Muffled complaints about the unfairness of the never-ending winter soon followed. Embry had tried to tickle her through the multiple layers of clothes and the down-stuffed coat. Huffing in annoyance, she shoved his hands away and ran. The challenging gleam in her eye, and the taunting laugh, were all the invitation he needed.

Neither he, nor his wolf, could resist.

They both knew she couldn’t outrun him, but it didn’t matter. She didn’t really want to. They ran for the sheer joy of it, and she knew he would catch her.

The thrill was in anticipating how long he would wait.

Since then, he had varied his attack when they’d walk hand-in-hand, toeing aside tangles of seaweed or tossing smooth stones into the approaching waves.

He didn’t try to tickle her every time, but then she had worn that.

To celebrate the first warm day in months, she wore a light, gauzy dress. Not tight or clingy, it flowed around her and danced softly in the breeze. The pale yellow reminded him of fresh butter. She looked like a flower or a butterfly. She was always beautiful to him, but there was something about her wearing it—for him.

He’d controlled himself as long as he could, but finally pounced, his fingertips grazing her ribs, forcing a surprised squeal out of her.

As she ran, his playful growl trailed behind her.

Enjoying the view, he always gave her a head start, but that time it looked as if she were flying. The muted light of the sun struggling to break through the clouds made the fluttering layers of fabric almost glow. The sight made his heart lurch and his breath catch.

He knew he’d never want anyone else beside him.

The joyous “whoop” as she successfully hurdled over a half-buried branch of driftwood broke his trance. He sprinted after her.

She chanced a quick glance over her shoulder and shrieked again. His ground-eating stride had him next to her in a heartbeat. In the next, he swung her around and drew her into his chest.

Clutching at his deep blue shirt, she coughed out a laugh in between drawing in lungful’s of air. His suddenly intense gaze stilled her laughter. Ensnared by the smoldering embers in his rich cinnamon eyes, the pace of her breaths merged with his. She succumbed to his warmth.

“Bella, I … I don’t want anyone but me … I mean, I only want you running beside—” An anguished groan escaped as he closed his eyes and pressed his forehead to hers. “I’m messing this all up.”

“No, you’re not.” She reached to brush her lips over his. “And me, too.”



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