Melting – one shot

Category: (Twilight canon or AU, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Avengers, etc.)

Summary: Embry thinks about Bella and how he feels about her.

Characters / Pairing: Embry/Bella

Genre: angst, romance  

Rating: K+

Beta/Pre-Reader: none

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Words: 84

Prompt/inspiration: Week 6 #4 Ed Sheeran – Kiss Me

Complete. One shot.

Disclaimer: Derivative work. I make no money.

A/N: from the Brown Sugar universe (you might want to read that one)

2015 Tricky Raven’s Weekly Fanfiction Flash Fic Challenge


~o~ Melting ~o~


Embry watched the rich brown crystals dissolve as he dipped the spoon into the steaming hot liquid.

He was the brown sugar.

She was the familiarity, the warmth, the comfort of the coffee.

Each time her lips touched his skin—even as she sent him into a spin and swirled him around—he sank gratefully into that secure heat, melting into her as she absorbed and consumed him.

She leaned across the table, her smiling mouth softly brushing his cheek, and he melted again.



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