You Don’t Listen – one shot drabble

Category: Twilight AU

Summary: Jacob refuses to hear what Bella has been saying.

Characters / Pairing: Bella, Jacob

Genre: anti-romance  

Rating: T

Beta/Pre-Reader: none

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Words: 100 drabble

Prompt/inspiration: “just friends” photo of a feminine hand on top of a more masculine hand on a wooden bench

Complete. One shot.

Disclaimer: Derivative work. I make no money.

A/N: 2015 Tricky Raven Creative Writing Challenges: Prompt-Writing 101, Exercise B

101B-1 drabble 100 words

Part of the Brown Sugar universe.


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“I said …” The word drawled long and low. “Keep your hands off me.”

“But, you know how I feel about you.”

Bella scooted farther away from Jacob. “And I’ve told you, again and again, how I feel about you. How many times do I have to tell you I’m dating Embry? I’m here to see him.”

Jacob inched closer. “Embry’s on patrol.”

“So? He’ll be here soon.” She slapped his hand off her thigh again. “Enough! Why won’t you let me be nice? Jacob, in this way you’re just like Edward. He never listened to anything I said either.”


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