Arrested – one shot

Category: Twilight AU

Summary: Maybe Paul will finally have a chance to talk to Bella.

Characters / Pairing: Paul / Bella

Genre: romance, humor  

Rating: T

Beta/Pre-Reader: n/a

Banner by: GeezerWench / Rickie Bansbach

Words: 200 (double drabble)

Prompt/inspiration: photo of the words “I love you” spray painted on a bright red-painted brick wall with a small, barred window. 2015 Tricky Raven Creative Writing Challenges: Prompt-Writing 101, Exercise A.

101A double drabble 200 words

One shot

Disclaimer: Derivative work. I make no money.

 -0- Arrested -0-

Paul’s chance had arrived.

Chief Swan and his posse of Fifes wouldn’t let him see her, but he knew which cell Bella was being held in at the back of the building. The barred window faced the graveled Impound Lot. The ten-foot chain link fence couldn’t keep him out either.

The Alpha-to-be was in the adjoining cell. He’d probably raise the alarm, but he wouldn’t be able to drag Bella away again.

Paul scaled a pine near the fence, leapt the barbed wire, and landed silently just beyond the two little motorcycles Jacob had put back together.

What the hell had they been thinking? Paul couldn’t blame Bella for wanting to learn to ride, but couldn’t they stick to the dirt roads? Bella headed right for the blacktop, and Jacob didn’t even stop her. He laughed and followed along behind.

It was bad enough they didn’t have licenses, but how could he let her ride without a helmet?

Just another in the growing list of reasons Paul needed to beat Jacob Black’s stupid ass.

As sure as raindrops in Forks, Bella’s father caught them.

But maybe the Chief did him a favor. He’d finally be able to talk to her.

-0- -0- -0-

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