New Hobby – one shot

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Category: Twilight AU

Summary: Bella’s new hobby is interrupting the game!

Characters / Pairing: Paul / Bella, Embry, Quil

Genre: humor  

Rating: T

Beta/Pre-Reader: n/a

Banner by: n/a

Words: 89

Prompt/inspiration: 2015 Tricky Raven’s Weekly Fanfiction Flash Fic Challenge. Week 6 #2 photo of a long-haired girl taking a picture with a camera.

One shot

Disclaimer: Derivative work. I make no money.

♣ New Hobby ♣



“Dammit, Bella! Because of that stupid flash, I see spots instead of hearts and spades. I fold.” Quil slapped his hand down onto the table and stomped to the refrigerator for another beer.


“Can’t you control your woman, Paul?” Embry grumbled, wiping at his watery eyes. “Why is she always taking these damn pictures?”


“Control an imprint?” Paul dropped his cards and shoved himself away from the table. “Hell, at least you guys have your clothes on.”


The long neck paused on its way to Quil’s mouth. “Wait. What?”


~ ♣ ~

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