Chapter 1: Tick Fricassee




~O~ Tick Fricassee ~O~


“Whatcha doin’, Jake?”

“Hey, Quil. Me and Embry are building a little surprise for the leech.”

Quil peered over their shoulders. “You got like a dozen … what are they? Mechanical chickens?”

After placing another feather on the object in front of him, Embry frowned. “They’re pigeons. Chickens don’t fly. Edward won’t stay away from Bella like she told him.”

Jacob pulled Quil closer. “They’re camouflaged drones. We added little glass bottles of gasoline to their chests. On impact, these matches will hit the striker, the bottles break, and … boom! Tick Fricassee!”

Impressed, Quil nodded. “I think it’ll work.”


~O~ ~O~ ~O~


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