Chapter 2: Operation: Pigeon Droppings

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~O~ Operation: Pigeon Droppings ~O~


“No time to explain, Quil,” Jacob shouted. “Get in the car!”

Embry was rubbing his hands together. “Operation: Pigeon Droppings is about to commence.”

Quil dove into the car, Embry hopped in, and the trio was fishtailing down the road.

“Pigeon Droppings?”

“Embry’s idea. It’s almost as bad as something you’d come up with.” Jake grumbled.

“Hey!” Embry sounded insulted. “They’re pigeons that are dropping on the shit head leech. It’s a great name.”

Quil snorted. “I still think they look like chickens.”

“You in or not?” Jacob growled.

“I’m in!” Quil nodded, grinning. “Damn, it’s good to be gangster.”


~O~ ~O~ ~O~







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