Chapter 4: Details at Eleven



~O~ Details at Eleven ~O~


Embry silenced Quil with a hand and reported, “Pigeons have target on lock.”

With unwavering focus, the Quileute trio directed their charges as Edward rose from his knees and glanced nervously through the forest canopy.

Wild-eyed, arms pin-wheeling, he dodged two feathered missiles, side-stepped another, but slammed into a fourth.

The spectacular, fiery explosion was jaw-dropping.

Bella’s scream drew their awe-struck gaze to her window. Her eyes bugged out as Roman Candle Cullen streaked past them.

Quil gaped in disbelief.

Embry leaped and punched the air. “Yes!”

Jacob fell over, laughing. “Flaming Freak Fans Fear in Forks! Details at eleven.”


~O~ ~O~ ~O~







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