Chapter 5: Rude Awakening



~O~ Rude Awakening ~O~


“What the hell?” Charlie shouted as he jolted awake from his little half-snooze, flinging his Vitamin R across the room.

“Nothing, Dad!” Bella answered from upstairs. “I … I just dropped my, uh, backpack and, um, stubbed my toe.”

“Dammit! Spilled my beer,” Charlie grumbled. More loudly he called, “Thought I heard a bang and a scream. You okay, Bells?”

“Fine, Dad. Never better!”

“Okay, honey.” He hoisted himself out of his beloved recliner to grab the empty beer can. On his way to the kitchen, he was shocked by the sight before him.

“The Mariners are down ten runs!”


~O~ ~O~ ~O~






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