Chapter 6: Cupcake Congratulations

A/N: For the first prompt that was posted by the Tricky Raven Admins, I wrote an unrelated drabble. This drabble right here refers back to it with the pink cupcakes.

This is how I ended the week and April Fools’ Drabble Challenge.

Final Prompt:

song You Fckn Did It by Jason Mraz


~O~ Cupcake Congratulations ~O~


When Bella arrived at Jake’s bearing a box of goodies, they hauled her into the garage.

As one, they raised their warm sodas in celebration, cheering, “We fuckin’ did it!”

“Edward’s hair will never grow back.” Bella laughed, opening the box. “Have a cupcake!”

Pink icing? Sprinkles?” Embry asked.

“It’s what I had.”

“Sprinkles are for winners, Embry.” Jacob winked at him. “To Tick Fricassee!”

“To chicken bombs!” Quil bellowed, grabbing two of the little pastel confections.

“They’re pigeons!” Embry punched him.

“Boys!” A Sam-shaped shadow fell across the sprinkle-strewn floor. “And Bella.”

Jake’s fist crushed his cupcake. “Oh, shit.”


~O~ the end ~O~







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